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The Stingy Man: A Three-Hour Performance of Laughter and Human Art

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The Beijing People’s Art Theater recently put on a three-hour performance of constant laughter with their rendition of Molière’s classic comedy “The Miser”, titled “The Stingy Man”. Directed by Lin Cong and Yang Jiayin, the performance brought a different kind of human art to the audience on April 19 at the Beijing People’s Art Cao Yu Theater.

The stage was transformed into a retro European-style setting, complete with a caravan of wandering theater troupes. Actor Fu Jia, playing the lead role of “Abagong”, embodied the essence of a typical miser both on and off the stage. The performance was filled with jokes, interactions with the audience, and a sense of participation that kept the atmosphere joyful throughout the show.

“The Stingy Man”, originally written in the 17th century, was reimagined in a new style for its performance this year. Directors Lin Cong and Yang Jiayin incorporated a “play within a play” format to break up the complex text and bring the characters closer to the audience, allowing for a deeper understanding of the stage image and character connotations.

Both directors are seasoned in the world of comedy, with Lin Cong drawing inspiration from her parents, renowned dramatists Lin Zhaohua and He Bingzhu, and Yang Jiayin making a mark with her acting and directing capabilities. Their collaborative effort seamlessly blended classic comedy with contemporary elements, receiving high praise from the audience.

Viewers lauded the performance for its ability to transcend time and space, with some remarking on the vitality and ability of the new generation of Beijing People’s Performing Arts actors. The play was commended for its ability to entertain both old theater fans and newcomers alike, with its cheerful and absurd style resonating with audiences of all ages.

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Overall, “The Stingy Man” was a success that not only entertained but also showcased the timeless appeal of classic comedies. The marriage of traditional elements with innovative storytelling made for a performance that left a lasting impression on all who attended.

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