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the STJ will resolve the complaints for the annulled sentence

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the STJ will resolve the complaints for the annulled sentence

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) heard today the fundamentals of defense and prosecution That filed a complaint for the sentence annulled by the Provincial Appeal Court regarding the sentence of 12 years in prison to Angélica Paine for the crime of Micaela Bravo.

Judge Liliana Piccinini reported that the reading of the sentence will be given on September 13 at noonwhile in the next 48 hours the considerations for which the STJ made room for the resources of the parties will be reported.

In a hearing by Zoom, with the participation of the full STJ, the Attorney General, Fabricio Brogna, the General Defender, Ariel Alice, the plaintiff lawyer Luis Terán Frías, along with the father of the victim’s children, Patricio Vargas, and the defendant, Angélica Paine, the highest court gave rise to the extraordinary appeal hearing against the annulment sentence determined by the Appeal Court last February.

He TIP annulled the conviction of Paine for considering the sentence arbitrary and for the lack of substantiation. At the same time he defined forward the case to the Judicial Office for a new trial.

However, today the STJ opened the appeal in complaint of the defense and the prosecution who question with various arguments the ruling of the TIP.

The prosecutor objected to the “bad mother-in-law stereotype”

The attorney general questioned whether the TIP did not assess any of the evidence that the Public Prosecutor’s Office offered and that it grounds an acquittal, but on the contrary, it resolves to resubmit the case for a new trial.

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Brogna questioned whether it was considered a “bad mother-in-law” stereotype that the defense included in its proposal before the Court of Appeal and that they have incorporated a photograph into the sentence. Although the prosecutor requested the annulment of that judgmentindicated that if it is forwarded for review of the TIP, it must be analyzed by a court with a different structure.

Brogna ratified Paine’s guilt in the crime and ratified the grounds of the prosecutor Betiana Cendón during the trial.

The ruling was based on “gossip”

The general defender backed the theory of the trial defender, Marcos Cicciarello, by insisting that the conviction was based on “gossip” and “simple opinions that were never accredited” and refuted the statements made in the debate by the chief prosecutor Betiana Cendón.

Ariel Alice, the defender general, returned to install suspicions against Patricio VargasMicaela’s ex-husband and plaintiff in the case, an issue that was refuted by the attorney general, stating that this line of investigation was ruled out.

The defender indicated that the sentence of the Appeal Court was “clear and well-founded” to annul the sentence and requested that, accordingly, Paine is acquitted because he understood that the foundations of the TIP ruling so use, although in the final resolution they have included resending the case for a new trial.

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