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The Three Brigades: A Tale of Documentary, Drama, and Suspense in the TV Series Landscape

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The Three Brigades: A Tale of Documentary, Drama, and Suspense in the TV Series Landscape

iQiyi’s “The Three Brigades” Premieres on Platform

The highly anticipated TV series “The Three Brigades” has finally concluded, but not without sparking a debate about the balance between documentary and drama in IP adaptations. The show, written and directed by Xing Jianjun and starring Qin Hao, Li Naiwen, and Chen Minghao, tells the story of criminal investigation captain Cheng Bing and his pursuit of the truth after encountering a vicious case that leads to the accidental death of a suspect.

As the first work of iQiyi’s “Mist Theater” in 2024, “The Three Brigades” has integrated suspense and criminal investigation into the fireworks of life and the changes in social times. However, some viewers have expressed concerns about the drastic adaptation of the drama from its original documentary literature, suggesting that it may have sacrificed authenticity for entertainment value.

In a recent interview with the Beijing News, Dai Ying, chief producer of the TV series and senior vice president of iQiyi, discussed the project and the challenges of balancing drama and documentary in its adaptation. She emphasized the need to enrich the content for a drama adaptation while staying true to the spirit of the original work.

When asked about the advantages of a drama adaptation over a movie adaptation, Dai Ying highlighted the series’ ability to extend emotional moments and characterize details, giving the audience a more immersive experience. She also addressed the operational advantages of a 24-episode drama, pointing out the longer promotion cycle and cooperation opportunities that come with the extended format.

The interview also delved into the creative trend in the suspense drama market, with Dai Ying noting that “suspense+” has become a new direction in the industry. She emphasized the importance of storytelling and character exploration in creating compelling suspense works that resonate with audiences.

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“Life flow” narrative methods were also discussed, with Dai Ying expressing hope that suspense dramas can continue to break through traditional audience demographics and attract new viewers.

As iQiyi’s “The Three Brigades” comes to an end, the debate over the balance between documentary and drama in IP adaptations continues. The TV series has received both praise and criticism, sparking important conversations about the creative process and the future of suspense works in the evolving film and television market.

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