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The UTA reached an agreement with the bus companies and there will be no strike

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The UTA reached an agreement with the bus companies and there will be no strike

The Automotive Tram Union (UTA) and the business chambers finally reached a wage agreement this Wednesday afternoon, so there will be no collective strike. The decision took place at the meeting called by the Ministry of Transportation, led by Franco Mogetta.

The negotiation, which had a limit of Thursday, April 25, was stuck in a difference of $250.000 which the UTA considers recognized and approved in the last joint meeting and the chambers assure that this is the payment of a one-time non-remunerative sum.

Finally, positions were brought closer, and the possibility of a measure of force was deactivated. In this regard, they agreed in a non-remunerative payment $500,000, divided into two installments. The first will be on May 15 for $250,000, while the other half will be paid on June 14.

Authoritarians don’t like this

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Meanwhile, Luciano Fusaro, vice president of the Argentine Association of Automotive Transport Companies (AAETA), one of the business chambers, said: “We are taking a risk by putting in money that we don’t have.” In turn, he warned that “if they do not pay on May 15, there will be conflict“.

The UTA demanded that a salary of $987,000 be taken as a basis to calculate an increase due to inflation, an amount that the companies considered was not approved by the Ministry of Transportation and that they cannot afford due to what they consider a delay in the price of the ticket.

Millionaire fines for bus lines due to the strike: “They voted for us to combat these methods”

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The business chambers maintained that They should receive 1,200 pesos per passenger to cover expenses, while currently they receive 600 pesos.

In this context, the Government does not increase the price of the ticket or the amount of subsidies to achieve what is requested by companies.

Sources from the business sector had expressed to PERFIL hours before the agreement that “until now we are going to a conflict because we have nothing to offer. “Not knowing what rate or subsidies we will have, we cannot offer anything.”

“It’s very probable that the union repeats measure of strength unless they are thinking about something else,” the businessman had added.

Franco Mogetta, Secretary of Transportation of the Nation.

UTA ultimatum

On April 11, the UTA carried out a retention of tasks that paralyzed hundreds of bus lines in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). After several meetings with the business sector and government representatives, the union lifted the forceful measure.

In a statement announcing the lifting of the strike, it established “as the last deadline to address the owed salary differences, until April 25 of this year, date from which, if they are not accredited, the retention of tasks will be resumed.”


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