Home Entertainment The warm and comfortable casual game “Cat and Tapestry” will be released in 2023.

The warm and comfortable casual game “Cat and Tapestry” will be released in 2023.

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The warm and comfortable casual game “Cat and Tapestry” will be released in 2023.

Today (December 8), the Steam page of the casual game “Cat and Tapestry” was launched. The game supports Simplified Chinese and is expected to be officially released in 2023.

game introduction:

Cats and Tapestries is a visually pleasing digital port of the award-winning puzzle board game of the same name for 1-4 players. Players will meet a group of cute kittens and sew sleeping blankets with various patterns for them. You can compete with other players in multiplayer mode, or play alone, and experience a story of the struggle between a small tailor and a large corporation.

Game Features:

Not a simple transplant

“Cats and Tapestries” will take you to a warm and comfortable immersive world full of cute cats. These cats sleep peacefully on the small blanket, the surface of which is slightly concaved by the weight of their tiny paws, and you can hear their slight purr from time to time. A world of patterns and designs awaits a master tapestry maker.

We have also prepared some surprises for players of the board game version of “Cats and Tapestries”. For example, in the campaign mode, the game will support new rules and mechanisms. In addition, in addition to the familiar game scenes, there are many new scenes waiting to be discovered.

Happy alone, happy together

Whether you want to sew a tapestry alone or compete with other players, Cats and Tapestries has a game mode for you. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer mode, you can invite friends to duel, or you can fight against random players in qualifying matches. Online play also includes challenges of the week and player rankings. In the more peaceful single-player mode, you can also challenge AI registered with different difficulties, and continuously improve your game level in a casual atmosphere.

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Embark on an adventure against an evil corporation

You can also experience the story mode of the game. A colorful world inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli. Here, cats can tear apart even the hardest hearts. Players take on the role of a tailor on the go, sewing tapestry as he travels through a war-torn world. You’ll face off against a vicious corporation that threatens and suppresses your union mercilessly. It’s up to you to sew tapestry, hone your skills, and lend a helping hand to the friends you meet along the way. Don’t worry, you’re not alone – along the way, you’ll make lots of friends, and most importantly, kittens will take care of you too. Their support is priceless…

Spend precious time with cats

Kittens in Cats and Tapestries actively interact with the player. They will not only be attracted by the patterns you sew on the tapestry, but also pay attention to your every move, and each cat has a unique personality. They will lazily observe the tapestry, play and run around, and sometimes fall into a blissful nap. You can interact with them during the game, petting them and calling them away if they get in your way.

Extensible customization options

This game is already full of cats, but who doesn’t love more cats! “Cats and Tapestries” supports players to create their own cats, making the game more pleasing to the eye! You can name your cats, choose their colors, and dress them in different coats. They can also appear on the board as you play, if you want. The game background and tapestry patterns also support switching. Choose your favorite design.

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relaxed and beautiful melody

We invited musician Pawel Górniak, who was in charge of the composition of the digital version of “Wings and Fly”, to produce the soundtrack for “Cats and Tapestries”. The relaxed and wonderful soundtrack not only makes people linger and intoxicated, but also fully creates a happy and pleasant atmosphere in the game.

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