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They increased less than inflation

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They increased less than inflation

The national deputy of Together for Change Miguel Ángel Pichetto defended in the last hours the 30% increase for the legislators of the National Congress.

During an interview on Canal TN, Picchetto assured that the salary increase does not bother him and assured: “It is reasonable in terms of institutional public responsibility.”

In this context, he pointed out that it would be necessary to see how much the “manager of the AFIP, of Banco Nación, earns, how much a judge of first instance, a chambermaid earns.”

Meanwhile, despite acknowledging that “some people are angry,” the representative for Avanza Libertad José Luis Espert also defended the increase by assuring: “In the Chamber they are making very strong adjustments to improve our diet a little.”

“They increased our diet by 30% with an inflation of 15%,” he told Radio Continental.

The interview with Pichetto

“Is it okay that they get a 30% increase and retirees don’t?” Jonatan Viale asked. “What do you want, for Argentina to be Uganda?” said the legislator.

“Is that salary okay for you?” Viale insisted. “Do you think Congress is very bad? Congress has shown high respect for the figure of the President. There was no scream, no aggression. We have heard it even down to the grievances,” Pichetto responded.

“We have just presented an initiative to adjust pensions (for inflation). A deputy earned 1,500,000. Really? Do you really want to talk about this topic? But please,” said the deputy who showed signs of annoyance.

“Yeah. It makes noise to people, Miguel, how can it not? Don’t you realize? “You are intelligent,” the journalist continued on TN.

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“I refuse to talk about this topic. The deputy (José Luis) sent you Espert what he charges. It is 2,200,000 pesos. It is reasonable in terms of an institutional public responsibility. Do you know what would be good in Argentina and that you would care a lot about? See how much a manager of the AFIP, of Banco Nación, earns, how much a judge of first instance, a chambermaid earns,” he noted.

“How much do they earn?” Viale asked him. “I’m not going to talk because I’m not a button. I don’t like it, I don’t like this. You bring me here and there are a lot of issues that are important in the country. And you get outraged and, well, you have the right to be outraged,” replied Mauricio Macri’s vice presidential candidate in 2019.

“I think people don’t mind because do you know what’s happening? There was a notable delay in the area of ​​the Legislative Branch. The Legislative Branch staff was deeply behind and an update was pending. The deputy is in line with what is increased to the staff,” he added after the communicator’s query.

When journalist Franco Mercuriali wanted to join, Pichetto stopped him: “Don’t get involved in this one, baby.” At that time, he continued: “I already know that there are beautiful souls in this program. They are very good, they are all good, come on.”

“What I am saying is that if you want to have a democratic process in Argentina you have to have fairly reasonable salary levels. I know that there are people who are suffering, who have serious inconveniences, that the adjustment is very hard and they feel it. I understand all that,” he concluded.

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The “diet” in Congress

The adjustment speech that the Government preaches about politics found a fissure in Congress: national legislators increased their allowances by almost 30%. The increase is tied to the parity of legislative employees, signed at the end of February by Vice President Victoria Villarruel and the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Martín Menem.

In this way, according to salary receipts accessed by this media, a deputy who in January received $1,699,103.30 out of pocket, in February began to collect $2,174,887.47, always adding per diem and representation expenses, an item extra that all deputies earn equally and whose value is defined by the authorities of both Chambers.

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