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They made my week

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They made my week

01 A collection of this timethat’s the name of the new twotone collection (photographed by Dodi Hason)
02 Form follows function
03 A new vegan skincare brand at Super Pharm with the beautiful and appropriate name: grove. In the photo: a dry massage brush to stimulate the blood in the body before a shower, like Gwyneth Paltrow
04 Everline returned to shipping to Israel
05 heart shirt which is a four-way collaboration between Angeli, Doreen Frankfurt, Kornit printing and the safe heart association that provides free mental support to the thousands of survivors of the massacre at parties on the seventh of October. All proceeds from the sale of the shirts are a donation to the association
06 A really small bag
Just because we are on a one way street hurtling to death doesn’t mean we have to succumb to mediocrity

it was Diana Nyad in the movie nad on Netflix. It’s a film about the real feat of the real Diana Nyad who, at the age of sixty-something, swam from Cuba to Florida, a challenge that took 53 hours. I don’t think I can even sit on the couch for 53 hours straight.
also, This is a viewing recommendation (I’m not the only one who thinks so, this film is nominated for an Oscar in the category of leading actress and supporting actress).

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