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They made my week the dresser

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They made my week  the dresser

01 Extra long linen shirt
02 New design and poetry books at kav (a few on the website, most in the store)
03 New Balance Model 550
04 Bandana jacket
05 A yoga mat to suit a Scandinavian home
06 Next week the local fashion week will be celebrated and two of them can receive double invitations to Shankar’s show which will take place on 3/22 (Wednesday) at 18:00 at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv. All you need is to send an email to this address: [email protected] Until 19/3 at 19:00. Those who don’t want to rely on luck can buy tickets at this link.

The male version of the song that starred here yesterday.
and it reminds me (A personal story with too much information): In the summers when we would go to the USA, for the first week I would not drive at all. The second week I would drive without a radio. In the third week I would turn on the radio but only listen to country music. Sometime in the second month I could already hear what I wanted, but why would anyone want to hear anything but country.

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