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Those 11 abandoned Ferraris screaming for revenge

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Eleven Ferraris abandoned in a field. A blasphemy. An unimaginable scenario. Yet it is reality, unfortunately. All of this happened in Lakeway, Texas. And the reason is physical health that is no longer there. A lawyer, wealthy and collector, in the course of his life has accumulated as many as he could. A Testarossa, 308 Quattrovalvole, 348, Mondial, Mondial Spyder and others.

But then he got sick. And, consequently, cars too. He had to cut his expenses for treatment. The first cut was the maintenance of the Maranello cars, including rent. So, a meadow. Free.

Unfortunately the lawyer did not survive. We were in 2008, and the heirs have not found a solution. The organizer of the Ferrari Festival in Houston, Paul Cox, became aware of the situation and something has moved. A dealer managed to sell one, but the problem is the condition: the Ferraris need a lot of repairs: rust on the body, no windows, mold in the cockpit.

A great deal of manpower is needed to bring them back to their ancient splendor. And money, lots of dollars. But the idea of ​​an abandoned Ferrari makes one cry for revenge.


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