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Tim Mälzer private: Children? Woman? The popular TV chef is silent about this

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Tim Mälzer private: Children?  Woman?  The popular TV chef is silent about this

With restaurants, book publications and cooking shows on TV, Tim Mälzer can call himself one of the big stars in the German gourmet sky. But despite the immense success, one thing remains under wraps: his private life.

He is one of the most successful chefs and restaurant owners in Germany. But that’s not all. Tim Malzer is also an author and entrepreneur. The Hamburger actually wanted to work in the hotel industry. But he already realized during his training as a chef that this is not his calling.

Tim Mälzer and his career – Actually he didn’t want to be a chef at all

Tim Mälzer was born in Elmshorn in 1971 and, after graduating from high school, decided to do an apprenticeship as a chef at the InterContinental Hotel in Hamburg. His big plan: to become a hotel manager. But even while the training was still going on, it became clear to him: no one can get me away from the kitchen.

The passionate chef gained his first TV experience back in 2003 on the show “Doesn’t taste good – doesn’t exist”. At that time he ensured a rapidly increasing number of viewers, which brought him further appearances on TV. After that, the success could hardly be stopped. Today, the self-proclaimed kitchen bull is said to have assets of several million euros.

TV chef Tim Mälzer misses “real cooking shows” on TV

Tim Mälzer is undoubtedly someone who is familiar with cooking shows. But Tim Mälzer misses “real cooking shows” on German television. “There are not many cooking programs. There are many entertainment programs,” said Mälzer on the sidelines of the German Television Prize 2018 ceremony in Cologne. Much in the genre is trimmed for competition today. He would like more programs in which people just stand in front of the camera and prepare a nice meal. “As much as I like the colourful, loud, agressive, happy and quiet,” said Mälzer. “I am the chef.” Among other things, Mälzer can be seen in the Vox cooking show “Kitchen Impossible” and runs several restaurants. However, “Hausmann’s” by Tim Mälzer and Patrick Rüther in Düsseldorf’s old town is history. The restaurant closed in January 2019.

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Tim Mälzer privately with his wife and children: Proud dad since 2016

The chef is not afraid of public appearances. But as soon as questions about private matters arise, he rigorously blocks them. “No comment!” is Tim Mälzer’s typical response when asked about private details. The fact that he became a father in 2016 has nevertheless been made public. He had his first offspring with his new girlfriend after his ten-year relationship with Nina Heik broke up in 2013 without children. Now he should be loud “Bild” Report have three children and even be married to his partner. The self-proclaimed “kitchen bull” has not officially confirmed this.

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