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Ugly – Twice Around the Sun

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Ugly – Twice Around the Sun

by Oliver on April 16, 2024 in EP

Twice Around the Sun is only the Brits’ second EP Ugly – or Ugly (UK)how streaming portals have to deal with the lack of individual band names – after the performance that appeared in 2016 None The Wiser.

The sextet from Greater London brings together most of their songs, which have been released since 2022 (and noticeably from the heyday around the Windmill-Scene) singles that grow around the shared vocal harmonies of Samuel Goater and Jasmine Miller-Sauchella. Same The Wheel finally treats itself to a long, harmoniously ensnaring a cappella entry, which swings up jubilantly and then releases the brakes as fidgeting, gesticulating art-indie rock, fluffy-urgent and a bit pretentious, cultivating the progressive drama of a folk edge, with elaborate chanting. A bit hyperactive, playful and melodically exuberant chanting and imploring turns The Wheel At some point it becomes a sinister groove and also shows how many twists and turns the songwriting is willing to take – amazingly, without breaking the coherence.
Except for the pop exception Sha, who immediately sparks with her titular hook, The guitars, which are latently jostling next to the track, meander peacefully over the gentle percussion and create an idiosyncratic, endearing instant sing-along catchy tune over what is clearly the shortest playing time at three and a half minutes Ugly-Compositions, by the way, generally as structurally changeable (but rather intuitive, not at all complicated to grasp) leviathans – the associative eclecticism always appears ambitious and frenetically.

The graceful guitar banter in Icy Windy Sky whistles between Tapir! and Bowerbirds Indulging in elegant string arrangements, the shimmering synths stomping the rhythm at the back and strengthening the hurried, rocking, upbeat mood of the airy one Shepherd’s Carol You also switch on the amplifiers, but fry with wholesome abandon beforehand Hands of Man supple, springy like a vocally at the end of its voice King Krule musing scene amalgam caresses buttery melancholy and the contemplative I’m Happy You’re Here Lethargy a la in the gentle ambience Black Country, New Road recited, but ultimately rises to a conciliatory, oblique hymn. Ugly not only successfully completed the opening act for the reference band here.
Sound generally Ugly like that Twice Around the Sun sometimes they arrive at themselves as serenely as they do in the wake of the countless Windmill-Colleagues with an EP that has almost enough fulfilling substance for an entire album can provide a little bit of excitement and a breath of fresh air where the competition is already fierce and the room for improvement is thin.

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Sha by Ugly

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