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Wang Yaoqing hosted the live interview of ELLE Fashion Grand Ceremony, and he continued to show super high EQ.

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Original title: Wang Yaoqing hosted the live interview of ELLE Fashion Ceremony

On November 18th, ELLE Global 76th Anniversary “Unbounded Orient” Fashion Ceremony was held in Shanghai. More than 100 celebrities joined this fashion event. Wang Yaoqing was invited to attend the event and served as the host of the ELLE Fashion Ceremony live broadcast room, wearing a pure white suit. Embellished with black stripes, the classic and simple collocation demonstrates the charm of fashion. At 15:30 in the afternoon, Wang Yaoqing entered the ELLE live broadcast room and opened a four-hour interview. During the live broadcast, Wang Yaoqing kept tossing his stalks, and the avatar atmosphere made the live room laugh and laugh constantly. He not only checked the male guests on the spot, but also reproduced the “zhenhuan style” salute. In addition to interesting interactions, Wang Yaoqing and Li Zhusheng also spoke fluently in English. Many netizens felt that “I didn’t expect Wang Yaoqing to speak good enough to make me think I was on a listening test.”

In addition, Wang Yaoqing also contributed to the highlight moment of the entire live broadcast. The sentence “come back now, don’t go away” triggered a heated discussion on the whole network. Netizens said that “Wang Yaoqing is the best tonight” and “Trouble ELLE to uncle “Add chicken legs,” and some netizens called Wang Yaoqing a “talented funny man.”

That night, netizens had a heated discussion about Wang Yaoqing’s live footage mixing and editing. The two topics “Wang Yaoqing’s missed his tongue” and “Wang Yaoqing said English is good in Su” were listed on the TikTok Hot List and the Entertainment List respectively. The topic “Wang Yaoqing” “Song Jia is talking about cross talk” on the Tik Tok hot list and rising in real time; topics “Wang Yaoqing atmosphere group suit kill”, “Wang Yaoqing missed the mouth is too funny”, “Wang Yaoqing pulls Ren Hao clothes on site”, “Wang Yaoqing bids farewell to his wife Cai Shaofen “Li” appeared on the Hot List and the Entertainment List respectively.

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From COSMO to GQ to ELLE, Wang Yaoqing’s cross-border hosting of every fashion festival was a pleasant surprise. The relaxed and cheerful hosting style not only drove the atmosphere of the festival, but also triggered a lot of topical discussions. Netizens said, “You can Always believe in Wang Yaoqing’s field control ability”.Return to Sohu to see more


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