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What will the meeting with Joe Biden be like?

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What will the meeting with Joe Biden be like?

President Alberto Fernández arrived today with his entourage in New York, in the United States. There he will remain two days with a protocol agenda and then he will move to Washington to finalize the postponed bilateral meeting with his American counterpart, Joe Biden.

He is accompanied on the trip by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero, spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti and the Secretary General of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello. In Washington will join the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa.

It was the White House itself confirmed last night the meeting between the two leadersvia an announcement from the Democratic administration’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre.

The bilateral between Fernández and Biden It will be an “open agenda”, reported sources from the Argentine Presidency. will be treated of a 90-minute meeting under the 1+1 systemthat is, only with the presence of both presidents, and then a Joint Declaration will be made to the press.

Fernández will raise the issue of drought in Argentina as problem in the income of dollars to the country due to the drop in exports in the next harvest.

It is known that the United States has no intention of changing its financial system, but Fernández will take advantage of the “influential” position that Washington has in the multilateral credit organizations in the idea of be able to get some benefits from that sectorthey remark in the entourage that accompanies the head of state.

what will be the theme

Meanwhile, in Jean-Pierre’s report last night, it was announced that on Wednesday Fernández and Biden “they will celebrate 200 years of bilateral relations” and will “reiterate the strength of the partnership between the United States and Argentina” with an agenda that will address how to “continue to partner to address global challenges.”

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On the agenda to be discussed by the two heads of state, the spokesperson added, “critical minerals, climate change, space and technology” appear, as well as “economic cooperation” and the “shared values ​​of inclusion, democracy and the protection of human rights”.

The meeting between the two presidents It was going to take place on July 26, 2022 but days before Biden had tested positive for coronavirus and it was postponed without a date, also due to the electoral agenda of the United States during the past year.

Fernández will carry out a series of activities in New York prior to the White House bilateral meeting, such as a dinner that he will hold tomorrow with some thirty investors and that will be held at the Council of the Americas, chaired by Susan Segal, a meeting in which he was working with the Argentine ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argüello.

The trip to Santo Domingo

Fernández spoke with his Spanish counterpart Pedro Sánchez at the recent XXVIII Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, precisely about “how banks end up” in “an exhausted system that every 15 years puts us all on tenterhooks,” they said.

This was expressed in reference to “financial bubbles seeking help when bursting». That was the message of Fernández’s speech this Saturday in Santo Domingo, in which he even mentioned former US president Donald Trump “by name and surname,” they recalled.

The High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, took in his speech “many of the things” that the Argentine president said, because he shared the view “of change in globalization,” they pointed out. , with a resonant phrase in which he pointed out that “cheap labor was very expensive for us.”

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With information from Télam and Argentine News

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