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Where is the “brilliance” of “Northern Ruins”?The down-to-earth Feng Xiaogang breaks away from the life of the masses

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Southeast.com, July 25 (The Straits Herald reporter Zeng Yushan and Cui Xiaoxu) After more than 20 years, the famous director Feng Xiaogang made another new play “Northern Ruins” and reported to the audience in the summer.

Look at how luxurious the lineup is: Lan Yingying, Wang Luodan, Jin Chen and other popular actresses starred, and the old artist Song Dandan and powerful actor Huang Bo guest blessed.

However, no matter how you look at it, it should be an “explosive” drama, and it caused collective ridicule on the Internet as soon as it was broadcast. Some people can’t listen to the dialogue in Beijing dialect in the play, and some can’t understand the unearthed life in the play… Since the beginning of the broadcast, Douban has scored a low of 4.7. Let’s discuss together, where is the “brilliance” of this drama?

“Too far from the ground” was ridiculed “I don’t know the suffering of the world

There is a big drama every year, especially at this time. On July 11, the domestic film and television drama market ushered in the premiere of two dramas-the fantasy adventure drama “Genting Heavenly Palace” and the urban emotional drama “Northern Ruins”. As Feng Xiaogang’s first online drama filmed in the “drama circle” after more than 20 years, “Beyond the Sea” raised the audience’s expectations very high, but its word-of-mouth met controversy.

The so-called “northern ruins” are the five women in the play-Bao Xue (Lan Yingying), Dai Xiaoyu (Jin Chen), Si Meng (Xi Ni), Feng Xi (Sui Yuan), You The name of the restaurant opened by Shanshan (Wang Luodan). With this name, the shallow meaning is “all dishes in the north and south”, and the deep meaning is to imply the gap between ideal and reality on the road of women’s life.

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It is not difficult to see that “The North Ruins” seems to be a new way of breaking out in the blowout female group portrait drama. However, the audience did not buy it.

The Herald reporter learned that when it premiered on July 11, the show ushered in a super high ratings, beating the popular film and television series “Hello, Flame Blue”. At the same time, there is a full screen of negative reviews. Most netizens criticized the plot for being ungrounded. The characters in the play live in high-end apartments or villas, and the investment business is tens of millions or hundreds of millions. “The high-end version of “Little Times” was shot. “. Compared with Feng Xiaogang’s grounding in his previous film works, “Northern Ruins” is full of sense of suspension. It was joked by netizens as “full rich woman”, and many ridiculed the creators of “I don’t know the suffering of the world, don’t go down easily.” “comment of.

After a few episodes were broadcast, Douban did not have a rating for a long time; as of press time, Douban platform showed that the drama was rated 4.7 points.

The protagonist’s fuzzy career line is simply a “shaking and clever” template

The main heroine’s drama is already rotten, but the director is Feng Xiaogang. When he finished, he personally posted on Weibo-“Four months, it will not be done at all, it must not be okay”, it is difficult to let people not look forward to it.

When watching the story introduction, it is written based on the urban life of contemporary women. It tells the story of five women who have grown up and have very different temperaments to build friendship, work hard, and reap love. I hope to encourage urban women to do the same in difficult situations. Forge ahead. However, after watching more than a dozen episodes, I did not see them really in trouble. The women in the play are rich, leisure and friends who speak the most Versailles words in the most ordinary tone. Is this the humor that Director Feng thinks? That is really the biggest misunderstanding of contemporary audiences. Their lives are completely separated from our general public.

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Without difficulties, the story has no motivation to develop. One-third of the whole show is broadcast. The protagonists still keep talking, chattering, doing nothing, and the career line is not clear. It is simply a model of “shaking wit”. . If there is any significance in “Northern Ruins”, it is probably Feng Xiaogang who used this web drama to prove that he has been separated from public life. (Run peach)

“Beijing Big Girl” image is perfect and unreal

With Ge You, Chen Daoming, Zhang Guoli, Liang Tian, ​​Xu Qing, Liu Bei and other “Beijing film” actors fade out, and the rise of young actors who are more appealing and de-dialectic in the new era, Beijing-style dialogue is getting farther and farther away from us. NS. In “Northern Ruins”, Feng Xiaogang tried very hard to restore the “Beijing-style culture” in his mind, but he seemed to be separated from the present.

As a Beijinger, I hate this kind of thing very much. However, the language style adopted in “Beijing Nanyuan” continues the characteristics of “New Beijing Dialect”. This language is detached from the compound culture. It is a mixture of southern accents and northern dialects, dialects, Pian’ertang dialects, and kagu dialects. It was quite popular in film and television works in the 1980s and 1990s, and it is now as if people are speaking ancient words.

As far as I know, there are not many Beijingers in the actors in this play. They have to insist on the Beijing dialect, and the dislocation brought about makes people feel that the Beijing culture is gone.

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On the other hand, Feng Xiaogang is not only obsessed with “Beijing flavor”, but also wants to reshape the image of “Beijing Big Girl”. Projected in the play, she is a successful independent woman who can make money but does not love money, and she is kind and righteous. But in the eyes of audiences nowadays, such characters are free, sober, and decisive. They are so perfect that they are unrealistic, and they are inappropriate to show women’s pain, predicament, and encounters. (Tsing Yi)


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