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Who are the senators who can overturn the DNU

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Who are the senators who can overturn the DNU

After the fall of the Ley Omnibus and the fight with the governors, the government of Javier Miley He had been delaying the call for the special session to discuss the validity of DNU 70/23 on deregulation of the economy.

The president of the Senate, Victoria Villarruel, He ignored the requests of the Kirchnerist bloc (which has 33 senators). The bench that leads Jose Mayans He demanded a session for February 1, 15 and 23, but the vice president did not grant them. This earned him strong criticism in the preparatory session and even a criminal complaint.

Alejandra Vigo and a group of senators asked for a special session to debate the DNU

But he no longer has room for negotiation and now he must respond to the request led by the man from Corrientes. Carlos “Camau” Espínolahead of the Federal Unity bloc, along with his colleagues Edgardo Kueiderfrom Corrientes, and Alejandra Vigo, From Cordoba. Among the signatories, a radical was also added, the Fuegian Pablo Blanco.

Senators who respond directly to their governors also signed the request: Carlos Arce y Sonia Rojas Decutof the Renewal Front of Missionary Concord; José María Carambia y Natalia Gadano, from the Por Santa Cruz block; and Monica Silva from Together We Are Río Negro.

“We are writing to you to request that you kindly, as established in articles 19 and 20 of the Regulations of the Honorable Senate, by virtue of your power, convene a special session to process Message 1/24 Decree of Necessity and Urgencia No. 70/23,” they asked the vice president this Monday, without specifying a particular day and time,” the statement said.

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Last week, between crosses and accusations, the Bicameral of Legislative Procedureor, in charge of analyzing the Executive decrees and where the ruling party wants to discuss more than a hundred that were pending from previous administrations.

However, the opposition insists that, in accordance with the provisions of Law 26,122, since January 19, the deadlines for processing the DNU in the commission have expired, and it can now be directly discussed “ex officio” in the facility. , that is, without there being an opinion from the commission.

37 senators are needed to overturn or approve the DNU in the Senate. Kirchnerism has 33 and needs 4 more to reach the necessary quorum. However, the rest of the “dialogue opposition” does not want to remain attached to Kirchnerism in the vote. “I am not very sure that the opposition wants to overthrow the DNU. There are senators who do not want to be attached to anything that resembles Peronism, it is as if we were lepers,” she said. SIlvia Sapag, national senator for Neuquén, from the Citizen Unity bloc, third vice president of the Senate.

On December 21, 2023 (last day I post on social networks), the National Senator for Corrientes, Carlos “Camau” Espínolahad already established a position: “A mega DNU is not the way. The reforms that Argentina needs will be achieved with dialogue and democratic consensus. It is the only way out of this deep crisis, which affects and anguishes our country so much.” .

Milei’s mega DNU 70/23, which meant the Government’s first package of measures, established the repeal of the Rental Law, the repeal of the Gondola Law and the Supply Law, the liberation of prepaid prices, the collection of punitive interests without regulation or limits for credit cards, the authorization of privatizations and modifications in the Media Law and the Argentine Digital Law, among many other points.

Based on various precautionary measures presented, Justice suspended the chapter on labor reform, the changes in the Law of the National Yerba Mate Institute, and the possibility of football clubs – if they wanted to – transform into public limited companies. . The Justice of La Plata had also granted a precautionary measure against the repeal of the Land Law, but later the federal judge Alberto Recondo he left it without effect.

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