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why it is celebrated every February 27

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why it is celebrated every February 27

2024 – ORGAN TRANSPLANTATION. Every February 27, International Organ and Tissue Transplant Day is celebrated in recognition of doctors and donors who make it possible to save lives with this type of operations.

At the same time, the International Day of Organ, Tissue and Transplant Donation is also commemorated every October 14 and, in Argentina, the National Organ Donation Day is celebrated every May 30.

More anniversaries

1821 – COSME MACIEL. By order of General Manuel Belgrano, shipbuilder Cosme Maciel raises the light blue and white flag for the first time in the port city of Nuestra Señora del Rosario on the Paraná River. Maciel raised the flag in the same area where he collaborated in the construction of defenses for the war of independence against the Spanish crown.

1918 – LEON TROTSKI. The Russian communist politician and revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Lev Davídovich Bronstein) creates the Red Army of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Soviet troops were decisive for the Allied victory against “the Axis” of Germany, Italy and Japan in World War II.

The Russian communist politician and revolutionary Leon Trotsky

1926 – MANUEL ANTÍN. The novelist, playwright, poet and filmmaker Manuel Antín, winner of three Silver Cóndor awards, was born in the Chaco town of Las Palmas. Among the films he directed, “The Odd Figure” and “Don Segundo Sombra” stand out.

1932 – ELIZABETH TAYLOR. The British actress Elizabeth Taylor, one of the figures of Hollywood cinema of all time, was born in the London district of Hampstead. She won three Oscars and five Golden Globes, among other awards, throughout a career spanning more than six decades.

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra in the 1963 film (IMDB)

1977 – MARADONA. At 16 years old, forward Diego Armando Maradona debuts in the Argentine national team, led by coach César Luis Menotti. It was in the Albiceleste’s 5-1 win over Hungary in a friendly match at the La Bombonera stadium in Boca.

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1984 – THE WORKS. The British rock band Queen releases the album The Works, their eleventh album, in the United Kingdom. This LP contains popular songs such as “Radio Ga Ga”, “I want to break free” and “It’s a hard life”.

1999 – CHARLY GARCÍA. The rock musician, singer and composer Charly García offers a free recital at the Bs. As. Vivo 3 Festival before some 600,000 fans gathered in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Puerto Madero. During that recital, the live album Demasiado Ego was recorded.

2015 – JULIO STRASSERA. At the age of 81, lawyer Julio César Strassera, the prosecutor in charge of the 1985 trial of members of the “military junta” for crimes against humanity committed during the last civil-military dictatorship, dies in Buenos Aires.

Strassera, the prosecutor of the trial of military dictators, died

2024 – POLAR BEAR DAY. International Polar Bear Day is celebrated, promoted by environmental organizations to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on this endangered species.

Illustrative image. A polar bear in the Svalbards, Norway. Photo: Juan Gil Raga (123/RF)

Other anniversaries

1767.- A pragmatic sanction by Charles III expels the Jesuits from all the territories of the Spanish Monarchy.

1807.- The sailor Alejandro Malaspina informs the viceroy of Buenos Aires that he has explored Tierra del Fuego and the Patagonian coasts.

1812.- General Manuel Belgrano chooses the blue and white colors of the national cockade for the Argentine flag.

1843.- A Spanish expedition occupies the island of Fernando Poo (later Bioko), located in Equatorial Guinea.

1844.- The Dominican Republic achieves definitive independence, after 22 years of Haitian domination.

1900.- The British Labor Party is born at the Conference of Socialist Trade Unions held in London.

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1933.- A fire committed against the Reichstag building in Berlin is used by German Chancellor Adolf Hitler to suspend civil rights and start the Nazi dictatorship.

1954.- The first president of the Republic of Egypt, Muhammad Naguib, regains the power that had been stripped by the Military Council of the Revolution led by Gamal Abdel Nasser.

1976.- The leaders of the Polisario Front proclaim the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, a day after Spain informed the UN that it was ending its presence in the territory.

1980.- Members of the Colombian guerrilla group M-19 storm the Dominican embassy in Bogotá and kidnap diplomats from several countries for two months.

1989.- A popular revolt begins against the Venezuelan Government’s increase in the price of gasoline, called the Caracazo, whose repression will cause dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries.

1999.- Nigeria elects a civilian president, Olusegun Obasanjo, after 15 years of military dictatorships.

2004.- The founder of the apocalyptic sect “The Supreme Truth”, Shoko Asahara, is sentenced to death for terrorism.

2006.- The governments of the United States and Colombia sign the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to promote bilateral economic relations.

– The UN International Court of Justice begins the first trial for genocide against the State of Serbia and Montenegro.

2014.- A pro-Russian armed group takes over the headquarters of the Parliament and Government of Crimea, days after the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych’s government as a result of the Euromaidan protests.

2016.- Switzerland rejects in a referendum the proposal for the automatic expulsion of foreigners for minor crimes.

2020.- The Syrian regime attacks the last rebel stronghold in the province of Idlib and causes the death of 33 Turkish soldiers.

2021.- The US authorizes Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose anti-Covid vaccine, the third to obtain the green light in the country.

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2022.- The EU agrees, for the first time in its history, to finance the supply of weapons in the war that Ukraine is waging against the Russian invader.

2023.- The United Kingdom and the European Commission agree to reform the Northern Ireland Protocol included in the Brexit treaty.


1823.- Ernesto Renan, French writer, archaeologist and historian.

1845.- Ricardo Bellver, Spanish sculptor.

1863.- Joaquín Sorolla, Spanish painter.

1902.- John Steinbeck, American writer.

1910.- Joan Bennett, American actress.

1912. Lawrence Durrell, British novelist.

1923.- Dexter Gordon, American jazz musician.

1930.- Joanne Woodward, American film actress.

1932.- Elizabeth Taylor, British film actress.

1939.- Kenzo Takada, Japanese designer, founder of the “Kenzo” clothing brand.

1944.- Roger Scruton, English philosopher and writer.

1950.- Franco Moschino, Italian fashion designer.

1962.- Adam Baldwin, American actor.

1967.- Jonathan Ive, British designer, designer of several Apple technology products.

1980.- Bobby Valentino, American singer.

1983.- Kate Mara, American actress.

1985.- Thiago Neves, Brazilian footballer.

1989.- Brittany Ashton Holmes, American actress.


1775.- Domingo María Ripoll, Spanish poet.

1887.- Aleksandr Borodín, Russian composer.

1928.- Juan Vázquez de Mella, Spanish politician and writer.

1939.- Nadezhda Krupskaya, Russian revolutionary, wife of Lenin.

1943.- Kostis Palamas, Greek poet.

1963.- Rajendra Prasad, first president of India.

1989.- Konrad Lorenz, Austrian zoologist, Nobel Prize 1973.

1993.- Lillian Gish, American actress.

1994.- Antonio de Senillosa, Spanish writer and politician.

2001.- Arturo Uslar Pietri, Venezuelan writer.

– José Garcia Nieto, Spanish poet.

2008.- William Buckley, American writer.

2013.- Stéphane Hessel, French German philosopher and activist.

2014.- Huber Matos, historical commander of the Cuban revolution.

2015.- Leonard Nimoy, American actor.

2022.- Carlos Álvarez, Spanish poet.

2023.- Juan Muñoz Martín, Spanish writer of children’s literature.

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