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Wilson threw a 3D printed basketball

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Wilson threw a 3D printed basketball

Although only a few of the Airless Gen1 have been manufactured, the company is committed to this technological innovation and makes it available to fans, collectors and technology enthusiasts looking to own this unique piece.

A hollow and silent ball

This new ball, made with a 3D printer and without air pressure, defies convention by being identical in size, bounce and weight to a regular ball. The absence of air allows for consistent performance in any environment and, through 3D printing, is produced more sustainably than traditional methods.

The creation was driven by a desire to address the common complaint of balls deflating, but has raised questions about its potential to replace the traditional orange sphere. However, with the launch of the Airless Gen1, Wilson seeks to merge audiences of sports fans, collectors and technology lovers, creating a new market for this innovative creation.

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