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Workers denounce failures in the new Cipolletti Ipross headquarters

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Workers denounce failures in the new Cipolletti Ipross headquarters

This week the Cipolletti Provincial Institute of Health Insurance (Ipross) building reduced the care staff to the public after the workers denounced shortcomings in the electrical and heating system. They assure that the building is not prepared to house the agglomerate of workers.

According to the general secretary of ATE Cipolletti, Jorge Nuñez, the problems began when the new headquarters were inaugurated in calle Alem and Miguel Muñoz. “It was untidy on the part of the central Ipross to enable the building in these conditions,” he said.

He explained that The building is electric, the office does not have an air conditioning system according to the demand for temperatures at this time of year. Therefore, the energy is not enough to supply the entire facility. There are daily power outages and failures in the Internet system.

Due to this situation, more than 60 workers saw their work harmed. The union and the workers They decided that they will work with a minimum guard until Friday so that the building can function.

They advanced that if there are no solutions for the next week they will take other measures. “The commitment to continue with minimum guards was given because they were going to respond to the needs of the workers and members this week,” said Núñez.

The Ipross headquarters was built in a building that had been abandoned for 15 years. For the construction of the headquarters, they preserved the structure and made repairs to the remains of what was once an office space.

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The Ipross Cipolletti building has electrical faults

From Edersa stated that the building needs an internal readjustment of the electrical installations, and that company personnel are already working to solve the problem.

The power distributor explained that they They gave 48 hours since Wednesday, so they can get the job done.

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