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Wu Zongxian Stands up Against Dirty Entertainment Industry, Claims to Be a Rare Clean Stream

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Wu Zongxian Stands up Against Dirty Entertainment Industry, Claims to Be a Rare Clean Stream

Title: Wu Zongxian Calls Out Entertainment Industry’s Dirtiness, Asserts Himself as a Rare Clean Stream

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Wu Zongxian, along with LULU and Chen Handian, recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their popular show “Variety Show Hit.” During this occasion, they also opened their studio for a special class visit on the 21st. However, amidst the festivities, a sexual harassment scandal involving Huang Zijiao came to light, leaving LULU in a somber mood. Concerned about her friend, LULU took to social media and posted about the emotional turmoil caused by the scandal, stating that “many souls were hurt.”

Responding to queries regarding Huang Zijiao’s situation, LULU admitted that she had been worried about him for a while. However, she revealed that she failed to visit him after his discharge from the hospital. “I wish the best for everyone and everything. As a junior, I will do what I can to offer care and support,” LULU added. Furthermore, she expressed her intention to reach out to Meng Gengru to inquire about the kind of assistance she needed.

Amidst the unfolding drama, Wu Zongxian found himself being informed by Huang Zijiao about alleged debt disputes and emotional confusion. Wu Zongxian forcefully denied these claims, asserting that he is a person of integrity and self-respect. In a recent TV show, he even dared to call out Huang Zijiao’s remarks as “nonsense.” Wu Zongxian boldly stated that he is well aware of the rampant issues surrounding the #MeToo movement within the entertainment industry.

The show’s host, Wu Danru, suggested that Huang Zijiao might be grappling with psychological troubles, which inadvertently led to him causing trouble after a significant stretch of time. Nevertheless, Wu Zongxian countered this argument, highlighting that #MeToo incidents are not limited to one gender and can happen to anyone, irrespective of their career. Wu Danru agreed with Wu Zongxian’s perspective, acknowledging that she has witnessed numerous instances of such harassment within the industry. Impressed by Wu Zongxian’s commitment to being a “clear stream” in the industry, Wu Danru concluded that he is the most qualified person to address these issues.

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