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Zhongmeng Music Releases Global MV ‘PHUKET FREESTYLE’ Featuring Dream Music DMG Artists

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Zhongmeng Music Releases Global MV ‘PHUKET FREESTYLE’ Featuring Dream Music DMG Artists

Zhongmeng Music Releases Global Music MV “PHUKET FREESTYLE” Featuring DMG Artists

On February 28, Zhongmeng Music’s DMG music MV “PHUKET FREESTYLE” was released globally, featuring producer Han Xiao and artists Bridge, GAI Zhou Yan, Good Morning, VaVa Mao Yanqi, and Ai Re AIR. This travel music MV was created during the DMG team-building vacation in Phuket, where the winter sunshine and AIR’s accompaniment inspired everyone to transform into various birds in the rhythm, bringing music back to its roots.

The MV showcases a relaxed and happy tone, with a warm and loving atmosphere that highlights the imaginative and fun improvisational freestyle of the five musicians. It reflects a wonderful fusion of diverse styles and a sense of family spirit, where they share joys and sorrows and fight side by side.

Prior to the release, Han Xiao had shared the vacation trip to Phuket on Douyin, revealing the artists’ much-needed break after their busy Spring Festival Gala performances. He organized the trip as a way to relieve their work pressure and show appreciation for their hard work.

During the vacation, Han Xiao documented the artists’ time together as a family, sharing their daily routines and creating entertaining videos like the “DMG Awkward Question Challenge.” The videos captured candid moments of fun and laughter, as well as diving competitions and swimming pool antics.

Following the release of the music MV, GAI Zhou Yan, VaVa Mao Yanqi, AIR, Bridge, and Good Morning shared the story behind its creation in a live broadcast on Weibo. They revealed that the team spent 2.5 hours recording the song and shooting the video, resulting in a highly contagious and positive audio-visual experience for the audience.

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Fans on streaming platforms quickly praised the MV, commending its interesting beat, strong visuals, catchy melody, and memorable rap lines. The collaboration of the artists was highly appreciated, with many calling it a strong and fun representation of Chinese rap.

“PHUKET FREESTYLE” highlights the artists’ dedication to music with a serious attitude, while also capturing the freestyle and lifestyle elements of their creative process. The MV is a testament to the unity and creativity of the DMG team, showcasing their talents and passion for music in a fun and engaging way.

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