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5 daily exercises to “stay young” and fight chronic pain

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5 daily exercises to “stay young” and fight chronic pain

Chronic pain affects millions of Italians, impacting their quality of life on a daily basis. According to estimates, 2 out of 10 individuals in Italy suffer from chronic pain due to various factors such as trauma, inflammation, sedentary lifestyle, and aging.

However, there is hope for those suffering from chronic pain. Studies have shown that regular physical exercise can not only prevent future musculoskeletal pain but also improve overall well-being and quality of life. In fact, specific movements designed to “stay young” can help individuals age in a better way.

In a recent book titled “Science and clinic of pain: an evidence-based approach,” published by FisioScience, scientific and clinical insights emphasize the importance of evidence-based preventive and therapeutic approaches to addressing pain. The book highlights the crucial role of integrating specific exercises into daily routines to mitigate the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle and improve overall well-being.

Physiotherapists and founders of FisioScience, Niccolò Ramponi, Valerio Barbari, Stefano Diprè, Giandomenico Campardo, and Paolo Torneri, recommend simple exercises to prevent chronic pain. These exercises include stretching for the neck, shoulder rotations, arm and wrist stretches, lumbar exercises, and leg raises.

By incorporating these exercises into daily routines, individuals can not only reduce the risk of chronic pain but also improve concentration and efficiency in daily activities. Regularity and correct execution of these exercises are key, along with dedicating short breaks during the working day exclusively to movement and physical well-being.

Overall, by prioritizing physical activity and well-being, individuals can take proactive steps to prevent chronic pain and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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