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(How) do agile and product fit together?

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(How) do agile and product fit together?

Product development decoupled from agile transformation

Agile transformations are often not started precisely for the purpose of developing the best possible product. Rather, it is about liberating a development organization that is under pressure due to excessive demands.

The product-defining departments generally see themselves as neither part of the problem nor part of the solution. Instead, they continue in the usual way and continue to act as a “technical side” facing the actual, product-developing organization. Unfortunately, this does not improve the situation of the product or the customer.

Agile requirements for first-class product work

In a session on the most recent Tools4AgileTeams Conference have Karen Steinkühler and Dr. Stefan Barth accepted this challenge. Her enlightening lecture is dedicated to the question of how the situation described above can be avoided and what remedies remain if the child has already fallen into the well. Here is the recording:

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More information

The slides for the lecture (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Der T4AT at Scale Automotive Day

The most recent edition of the Tools4AgileTeams conference was only a few months ago, but you don’t have to wait until November for the next Agile event under the T4AT banner: ours continues on July 9th T4AT at Scale Automotive Day.

Together with you and other experts from different domains, we want to discuss current challenges and potential in automotive development and production and explore solutions between methodology and tooling – from Lean to Business Agility to ITSM. We are looking forward to 100 to 150 guests, first-class lectures and additional formats for knowledge exchange, plenty of networking opportunities and much more. Here is all the information and details!

Further information

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