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9 ways to improve your mental health according to National Geographic

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9 ways to improve your mental health according to National Geographic

In recent years, people are beginning to understand more about the best ways to improve their mental health. National Geographic, for example, compiled 9 science-backed tips for taking care of your mental health and enjoying a better quality of life.

Connecting with nature is absolutely essential when it comes to reducing stress and improving mood. This is why spending time in nature can be so beneficial to mental health. If you don’t live close to nature, you can still benefit by opening a window to let in a breeze or using nature-inspired scents to help reduce stress.

According to National Geographic, several studies have shown that being in contact with birds or listening to them can put you in a better mood and improve your mental health. Additionally, organizing your living space may not cure depression, but research suggests that an organized living space can contribute to improving mental health.

Processed foods have long been known to be detrimental to physical health, but now, scientific studies are showing that those who consume a lot of processed foods have a higher likelihood of suffering from depression and anxiety. A balanced diet of healthy foods, however, may improve mental health. Foods rich in serotonin, such as vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins, and carbohydrates, can increase happiness levels in the body.

Engaging in activities that activate well-being hormones, such as dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin, can improve mental health. Planning a trip, taking a bike ride, and trying phototherapy can all contribute to better mental health.

Overall, mental health is extremely important in achieving complete well-being and, with the help of these tips, individuals can hopefully improve their mental health and lead a fuller life.

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