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A ring with AI to monitor health – Medicine

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A ring with AI to monitor health – Medicine

A technologically advanced but not flashy device. This is the Galaxy Ring, the connected ring that Samsung previewed at Ansa during the Mobile World Congress fair in Barcelona. For the occasion, Hon Pak, vice president of Samsung Electronics, provided further details on the device that the company had anticipated in January, at the bottom of the presentation of the Galaxy S24. “The idea behind the Galaxy Ring is to give everyone the opportunity to wear a technologically advanced object” the manager tells us “but small in size, almost hidden and certainly less cumbersome for daily activities”. Today, smartphones and smartwatches already allow you to monitor many health data but always require a minimum of action on the part of the wearer. “With the Ring, no. Data collection, which occurs while preserving privacy with protected communication with the mobile phone, is passive. While you have the ring on your finger, the Samsung Health app receives information that can be cross-referenced with other devices you have with you.” The Galaxy Ring, whose release date and price have not yet been announced, will come in three colors: gold, silver and black, and nine sizes. The promise is that of a long battery life, and a push towards people to take better care of their psychophysical health, also thanks to artificial intelligence. “AI is already having a great impact on consumers. Through Galaxy AI we will provide personalized advice to users, changing their approach to healthcare. We will do this through shared work also with specialized partners, so as to convert the data into concrete actions. A necessary step so that technological innovation brings a real benefit and is not an end in itself.”

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