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A stamp dedicated to gender medicine

by admin
A stamp dedicated to gender medicine

by Fabiola Bologna

30 NOV

Dear Director,
Yesterday I opened the ceremony for the issue of the stamp dedicated to gender medicine, which I promoted during my parliamentary activity. At the Sala Filatelia of the Italian Post Office in Piazza San Silvestro in Rome, in the presence of the Institutions Dr. Soro representing the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy (ex Mise) and Dr. Masullo representing the State Printing Office.

Present the Hon. Mauro D’Attis, Dr. Alessandrà Carè of the Reference Center for Gender Medicine of the Higher Institute of Health, the delegate of Fnomceo Dr. Guido Marinoni and the National President of Women Doctors Dr. Antonella Vezzani, I presented the stamp together with Dr. Franca Di Nuovo, contact person of the Lombardy gender medicine technical study group and member of the national Observatory with which I designed the stamp and the designer Damiano Nembrini.

An objective I am proud of because the work started with the publication of my book on gender medicine in the Chamber of Deputies continues, which involved health professionals to disseminate and understand the meaning and importance of specific gender medicine.

Gender medicine studies how the same disease manifests itself differently in men, women, children and the elderly; it is medicine that evaluates aspects related to biology but also to socio-economic, cultural, psychological conditions and studies their influence on people’s state of health and well-being, representing a fundamental and transversal point of interest in general and specialist medicine.

This stamp that enters the thematic series “the Civic Sense” is an important contribution to the development and awareness of the need for an appropriate and increasingly personalized medicine with the intention of spreading specific gender medicine following the objectives of the national application plan and diffusion of gender medicine

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Dr. Fabiola Bologna
Medical Director
Former Secretary of the Social Affairs and Health Commission
Chamber of Deputies, XVIII Legislature

November 30, 2022
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