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A student finds a rat’s head in his lunch and is intimidated by the school: ‘it’s duck meat’

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A student finds a rat’s head in his lunch and is intimidated by the school: ‘it’s duck meat’

The case of the discovery of a mouse’s head in a lunch at the school canteen caused a sensation, but above all the denial of the evidence of the school itself

A scandal known as “Rat Head Gate” (“Rat head scandal”) has garnered a lot of attention on Chinese social media after a student found what appears to be a rat head in his cafeteria meal.

The school, however, wanted to deny making it known that it is actually one duck head. The incident occurred in the canteen of Jiangxi Vocational Technical College of Industry Trade in Nanchang, China. While they were having lunch, a student found what looked like a rat’s head in his bowl of rice and took out his phone to record the find.

has therefore addressed the staff of the mensa, but was told it wasn’t a rat’s head, it was a duck’s head. The latter, together with duck neck, is alas an important part of Chinese cuisine, but it was not what the student had ordered and it certainly didn’t look like a duck.

Intimidations in order not to let the truth be known

In the video that went around the web, he can be heard saying to the canteen staff: “This is a rat! He clearly has rat teethcan’t you see it?”. The footage quickly spread on Chinese social media, but on June 3, Jiangxi Vocational Technical College released an official statement to deny the “rat head” rumors that had started circulating.

The next day, too the local supervisory office feeding commented on the case, claiming that it was indeed a duck head, albeit a decidedly strange-looking one. As the rumors continued to spread, school officials took action.

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They have indeed warned the students to no longer discuss the incident online and the official catering company contracted by the school issued a statement of its own, stating that the head had not been found in the delivered food, but was actually from from a separate cafeteria counter. The company also promised serious consequences to anyone who has spread rumors about it.

Despite attempts to cover it up, word got around more and more

But despite all efforts to cover up the incident by effectively censoring free speech, the Rat Head Gate gained more and more acclaim onlinewith people from all walks of life stating theirs disappointment towards the school and local authorities who support his lies.

Already finding a rat’s head in food has literally shocked everyone. To make it even worse was the way they insisted on it it was not what it seemed. Someone wrote:

Discovering a mouse head while eating isn’t even the scariest part. What’s really scary is that people clearly have a ‘rat head’, yet the school still insists it’s a ‘duck neck’. If it really is a rat head, it would be better to admit it. At most, it would be a food safety incident and one or two temporary workers could be fired and a fine could be imposed and that would be it.

Or again it has been argued that the way the school and the food supervisory office have handled the issue is one provocation of social moralityflouting the public trust to protect one or two individuals.

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Meanwhile, microblogging platforms like Weibo have been flooded with photos of rat and duck skulls to prove that they don’t look alike at allfrom shapes to teeth, and digitally altered photos of ducks with mouse heads.

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