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Adjusting the sleep environment as a means of reducing stress and promoting sleep

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Adjusting the sleep environment as a means of reducing stress and promoting sleep

Adjusting the sleep environment as a means of reducing stress and promoting sleep

Stuttgart. It is increasingly accepted in society that mental relaxation and good sleep are important for performance and health. The SPARTANER network partners Bettwaren-Shop.de and APROS Consulting & Services GmbH have discovered the complex topic of physical mental health and stress reduction as a health topic and show ways to reduce negative impulses for better sleep and personal well-being.

The SPARTANER life coaching approach aims to achieve a healthier and happier everyday life. Often just small changes in behavior, environment and thoughts are helpful in reducing stress and achieving more restful sleep. However, it is also important to understand that after such changes, the physical and emotional symptoms of stress will not immediately subside. Because people need time until they get back to their normal balance. After periods of intense stress, this can even take many weeks. And if the planned recovery phases are no longer sufficient, even normal everyday tasks become a stress factor.

To ensure a restful sleep and to improve your own stress situation, you can first look at your immediate living environment. A calm design, for example few pictures on the walls, avoiding a desk or a clothes horse in the bedroom, turns the room more and more into a relaxation zone. Even the colors and patterns of bedroom walls and bedding have an impact on people’s psyche.

If you follow the opinion of the experts and color theory, the color green has hope, calm, security, inspiration, freshness, nature and life as associations. The bedroom, the duvet covers or fitted sheets in green radiate positive feelings and calm you down. A similar effect can also be achieved using the color blue or bluish elements in a green tone. In addition, paying attention to plain-colored bed linen or maritime elements or calm symbols and lines in the patterns of the home textiles is a recommendation from Bettwaren-Shop.de specialist advice. Nowadays it seems to be becoming more and more important to balance people’s psyches. It’s no surprise that the color of the year 2024, Peach, is rather softer and lime green pillow or bed covers are currently in fashion.

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The Burlading-based company’s home textile experts rely on high-quality product advice for their customers. “Well-being sleep is a very complex topic,” says managing director Holger Genkinger. It is also important to him: “Regeneration through sleep is also determined by the correct degree of warmth of the blanket (e.g. “1” extra light or “2” light in summer) and the choice of the right pillow. Replacing the traditional 80*80 cm pillow with a 40*80 neck support pillow can make a big difference. In addition, temperature-balancing materials such as merino or a cover made of silk, linen or bamboo can be the right choice for the summer,” explains Holger Genkinger.

And SPARTANER team lead and life coach Volker Feyerabend adds, “Mental relaxation can also be achieved through mediation, yoga, interpersonal contact, joy, exercise and sport.” “The attitude towards life, stress and sleep is also another important component.” In his mental training, he trains calmness, gratitude and concentration on personal happiness.

The SPARTANER-Team.de plan, which was awarded by the state of Baden-Württemberg, relies on exercise and sports units to get fitter, reduce cortisol levels and promote active muscle relaxation. “But mindful me-time, for example through a quiet walk in the forest, a cup of fruit tea instead of alcohol as an evening ritual, or even a relaxed look out of the window, calms the thoughts,” says coach Volker Feyerabend.

If other personal behaviors are considered to promote sleep, the topic of nutrition should not be neglected. Avoiding late and “heavy” meals and adding omega 3 and vitamin D to your diet make sense in order to lower cortisol levels. So why not include foods with these ingredients, such as salmon, herring, mackerel and oranges, in your diet and season them with turmeric or saffron, for example?

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The topic of sleep promotion is very complex. By making slight adjustments to the right environmental building blocks in the home or bedroom, conscious relaxation, sufficient exercise, a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude can play an important role in personal sleep and stress reduction.

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Holger Genkinger offers a well-rounded range of things to do with sleep, bed and bathroom at fair prices and with personal advice. Bettwaren-shop.de is the specialist shop for good sleep on the Internet and offers many years of experience in dealing with home textiles

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