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An alarming fact emerges from slimming smoothies: they put your health in serious danger

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An alarming fact emerges from slimming smoothies: they put your health in serious danger

The Dangers of Slimming Shakes: A Recent Study Reveals Potential Health Risks

Be careful of the famous slimming smoothies advertised on TV or in magazines: according to a new study they could be dangerous. Easy to prepare and also very good. They promise to help you lose weight without going hungry. But be careful: slimming shakes could be very dangerous for our health.

Slimming smoothies are very popular. These are powders to be mixed with water, milk or vegetable milk and then consumed instead of one or a maximum of two meals. In fact they are a practical solution for those on a diet as they are quick and easy to prepare. Not only that: they are also very tasty and, therefore, do not mortify the palate. More and more people are using these shakes to lose a few pounds.

These products can now be found everywhere: pharmacies, herbalist’s shops, supermarkets or online sites. Naturally, no smoothie can help you lose weight if not placed in a context of healthy, low-calorie nutrition and regular physical activity. A recent survey warns against these shakes: they could be harmful to our health.

Many people, to lose weight, resort to the famous slimming smoothies which, in addition to being very quick to prepare, are also very good. According to a recent investigation, however, these products could cause serious damage to our health.

In recent years, weight loss shakes have become increasingly popular. They have the undoubted advantage of being quick to prepare since you just need to mix a scoop of powder with water, milk or vegetable drink and that’s it. Furthermore, they are also practical to take to the office. However, not all that glitters is gold and these products, according to what emerged from a recent survey, have more disadvantages than advantages.

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The German magazine Oko Test analyzed 17 slimming shakes. Of these, 15 were rejected. The reason for these failures lies in the fact that most slimming shakes contain mineral oils: dangerous substances that can accumulate in human tissues. Not only that: some of these products contain thickeners and sweeteners such as sucrose and saccharin which the World Health Organization has associated with a possible increase in the risk of contracting cardiovascular diseases.

Unfortunately it’s not over yet. In some of the slimming shakes analyzed it was sodium carboxymethylcellulose found: a substance which, in animals, can cause inflammation of the intestine. In addition to the possible damage to our health, many slimming shakes have been rejected as deceptive. In practice they present themselves as highly protein foods while, in reality, the protein content is decidedly lower than the carbohydrate content.

Therefore these products, despite their completely marginal benefits, can cause serious damage to our health. The best way to lose weight is always to rely on a good nutritionist or dietician and practice sport regularly at least 3 times a week.

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