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Anorexia and bulimia, stories of those who overcame a nightmare

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Anorexia and bulimia, stories of those who overcame a nightmare

Francesca Fialdini, well-known author and TV presenter, delves into the complex world of eating disorders in her latest book, “The rabbit hole. When the fight with food becomes an obsession” (Rai Libri). Drawing from her own experiences, Fialdini shares personal stories of individuals who have struggled with addictions and eating disorders, showcasing their paths to redemption and healing.

The author’s journey began at the age of six, when she stopped eating and was hospitalized. Unlike other teenage ward companions, Fialdini resumed eating shortly after. Among them was Hava, who was so similar to her that she felt like a sister. This experience prompted Fialdini to explore the intricate labyrinths of the mind and the mechanisms that lead individuals into darkness.

In addition to her own work, Fialdini also highlights “Bubble” (Piemme), an illustrated book by Tea Ranno that addresses similar themes from a simpler perspective, suitable for young readers. “Bubble” tells the story of Corolla, a girl who is teased for her curved lines and ultimately finds a way to defeat bullying and build friendships, embracing the beauty and strength of imperfections.

Through her work, Fialdini aims to shed light on the struggles of those facing eating disorders and provide a voice for their journeys toward healing and self-acceptance. Her deeply personal and empathetic approach reflects the resilience and courage of individuals grappling with these challenges.

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