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Apple has one goal: to build all iPhones with 100% recycled material

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Apple aims to make future iPhones using entirely recycled materials. The confirmation comes directly from n.1 Tim Cook who participated in the virtual edition of the Vivatech 2021 Parisian conference, during which he was interviewed by Guillaume Lacroix, CEO of Brut, an international media company. Lacroix asked Cook about Apple’s plans to reach the environmental sustainability goal by 2030. The CEO recalled that Apple is already a zero-emissions company, as it uses renewable energy for most of its internal operations, however, it plans to make its entire ecosystem, from supply chains to end users, carbon neutral in next nine years. “As it turns out, a great product for users and a great product for the planet can be the same thing, and that’s what we’ve set ourselves,” Cook added.

Daisy, it Apple’s robot capable of taking apart iPhones to retrieve more materials

After all, the path that will lead Apple to build future iPhones with recycled material is now outlined: the latest Macs contain 40% recycled aluminum while the iPhone 12 series has over 98% recycled minerals. Furthermore, Cook recalled the use of robotic devices such as Daisy, which disassembles iPhones to supply scrap components to models under construction. The CEO said that after Apple began using 100% renewable energy for its operations, it pushed its suppliers to do the same. According to Cook, more than 100 suppliers have already signed up to be fully carbon neutral in the coming years.

Apple’s green turning point: totally carbon free in 2030

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