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Back cancer, Lorenzo dies 3 months after the diagnosis of the disease: he was 56 years old

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Back cancer, Lorenzo dies 3 months after the diagnosis of the disease: he was 56 years old

Those are hours of mourning that the community of Farmhouse on the Sile (Treviso)affected by the sudden disappearance of the 56-year-old Lorenzo Montagner. To take it away, around 18.30 on Friday, a back cancer discovered no more than three months ago. Having faced the disease with all the strength and the necessary therapies, Lorenzo’s body unfortunately gave way despite the fact that he had undergone three close cycles of chemo to try to slow down the progress of the disease. Admitted to Ca’ Foncello hospital on Thursday evening following an inflammation, Montagner then died 24 hours later.

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Died of back cancer, who was Lorenzo Montagner

A former student of Besta in Treviso, Montagner had already dedicated himself to work at a young age, entering as a worker at Tognana where he remained for about thirty years, until his death. Afflicted by a disability since he was a child following an accident, he had been placed in the company first in the quality control department and then in a female-dominated section, so much so that he was defined as a lucky man among women. «Work was his world and all his friendships were created there, so much so that he affectionately called his colleagues my women – his brother Ivan-Lorenzo recalls, in fact, he was a good person, cordial, calm and always available to everyone . His disappearance is a hard blow to take. We will miss him a lot, also because he was really loved by everyone ».

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A great lover of 80s music, he was also a lover of the sea and beaches, so much so that over time he bought an apartment in Bibione where he used to spend time alone or with the 82-year-old father Nevio with whom he lived in Casale. Furthermore, although he did not have a driving license, he was a fervent lover of large-engined cars. Montagner sadly leaves his father Nevio, brothers Ivan and Samuele, sisters-in-law, nephews and many friends and colleagues who immediately joined the family in this difficult moment. The funeral will be held on Wednesday 25 January at 3 pm in the archpriest’s church of Casale sul Sile, with the funeral procession starting at 2.30 pm from the Ca’ Foncello morgue. Once the ceremony is over, Montagner will then be buried in the local cemetery.

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