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Big and swollen arms could be a wake-up call of 3 little-known diseases to keep an eye on

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Big and swollen arms could be a wake-up call of 3 little-known diseases to keep an eye on

Surely the human body communicates its state every day. In fact, the body continuously sends messages, especially to warn if something is not working as expected. The symptoms that can be encountered, in general, are certainly alarm bells that it would be better not to underestimate in most cases. Obviously, diagnosing yourself with diseases is not the right way to go. But getting information, collecting data and presenting your doubts to a trusted doctor will certainly be the correct path to take.

Swelling in the arms, here is a symptom that could be linked to some specific problems that should not be underestimated

There are several symptoms that we could treat, especially when they don’t seem as clear to us as we would like. For example, many of us may find ourselves having problems commonly related to hemorrhoids which, instead, could be signs of a completely different pathology. Other symptoms, on the other hand, are less common and more evident and one of them is when we notice our arms too swollen. Humanitas experts, in fact, explain to us that this type of message could be related to some problems that not everyone knows and that it would certainly be better to note down in order to be more relaxed.

Big and swollen arms could be a wake-up call of 3 little-known diseases to keep an eye on

First of all, remember that swollen arms could be caused by some vices such as smoking or by some trauma suffered. Even the influence of drugs and medical reasons, in this specific case, are absolutely not to be excluded. But, speaking of pathologies, the swelling in the arms could be the bell that indicates the presence of dermatomyositis, for example, an inflammatory muscle disease. In the list, we could also find polymyositis, an autoimmune disease that always affects the muscle area. Finally, among the various pathologies, we could also consider Raynaud’s syndrome.

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Therefore, if we notice big and swollen arms they could be a bell of the aforementioned pathologies. Of course, this symptom alone means absolutely nothing and there is no need to be alarmed. To be worrying, it should be accompanied by other hints that could make us understand the situation. Given the variability of symptoms, therefore, the best thing to do will be to talk to your doctor. Only in this way, in fact, will we be able to have firm and concrete answers on our health situation.

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