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Bitter land Turkish advances: little Layla has disappeared

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Bitter land Turkish advances: little Layla has disappeared

The Turkish advances of Terra Amata have revealed that little Layla has disappeared. The soap opera will have some upheavals: that’s what will happen to it.

The Turkish show continues to find a lot of success among the Italian public. Some news has been popping up for a few days, given that in Turkey they are ahead with the bets, while in Italy they will arrive in a few months. The previews reveal important reversals that will put the characters to the test.

Little Leyla has disappeared (Photo Source: Instagram @terraamaraofficial) – TheWiseMagazine.it

It’s been two seasons since Bitter land it is an unmissable appointment for millions of viewers who connect in the early afternoon on Canale 5. After the summer break, the soap opera will resume in the autumn with new episodes and the third season which is airing in Turkey. It is precisely from the country of production that the rumors are coming out.

The Turkish previews of Terra Amara reveal that for Zuleyha Altun it won’t be easy days. The woman will live her umpteenth drama of her life of her, given that she will have to understand what happened to the little Leyla disappeared suddenly. A story that will affect the entire population of Çukurova.

Terra Amara Turkish advances: what happened to Leyla

After tragic death of Yilmazwhich baffled everyone, Zuleyha Altun will decide to take a step back and get closer to the marito Iron, thus giving a second chance to their marriage, which was about to fail. It was with the wealthy entrepreneur that she became Leyla’s mother for the first time.

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Zeleyha destroyed by the kidnapping of her daughter Leyla (Photo Source: Instagram @terraamaraofficial) – TheWiseMagazine.it

And while the relationship between Zuleyha and Demir will continue to experience ups and downs, the situation will become even more complicated. The woman will have to face a drama that will upset her life, since the daughter Layla will be kidnapped. It will be discovered that the baby was taken from her cradle after Gulten went to the villa.

After the discovery, the alarm will be raised immediately at Villa Yaman, where everyone will start looking for the little girl, trying to understand what happened. Whoever took it, however, has lost all traces, so the situation is really complicated.

At that point, Zuleyha will begin to fear that someone might have done something bad to her. The first suspect seems to be Ümit, since she was kicked out of the villa. But it soon turns out that she didn’t take Leyla. Indeed, it seems that the child was kidnapped by someone who wants to sabotage Demir. For the name, we will have to wait a little longer.

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