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Brain, nutrition can affect dementia: here’s why

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According to a study, it was found that even nutrition can affect the brain and dementia. Let’s see specifically what it is.

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We all know that the brain he is the one who manages it all. A very complex organ indeed. He is central to the nervous system. Surely a good state of health passes from his work. If the brain is not working well then there can be serious problems.

As is known, nutrition is one of the fundamental aspects for the defense of our body. However, some studies have shown how this can also affect the brain. And that, some foods, can also be important factors for dementia and for the cognitive decline.

Everything revolves, therefore, on choosing healthy food that helps support both the body and the brain. The latter is in his development phase both in that ofaging. Let’s take a closer look at the research conducted and, above all, its results.

Brain: The study tells us to pay attention to certain foods

The study was supported by researchers from the University of Athens. These have linked the eating habits with the cognitive condition. The protagonists of the research were a thousand citizens with average age of 73 years. At the beginning of the search, none had signs of dementia. The study focused mainly on three types of diet:

  • One with high content, with 20 portions of fruit per week, 4 of legumes, 11 of coffee O you e 19 of vegetables;
  • Low in content with 9 portions of fruit, 10 of vegetables, 2 of legumes and 9 of coffee or tea;
  • Ultimately, there was a average consumption with values ​​that fluctuated between high and low.
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From what was taken from the food fact, following a average follow-up of three years something important emerged for the participants. Who turned out to be among those who consumed the least anti-inflammatory foods they had a tripled risk of dementia and cognitive deficits.

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In short, it seems that nutrition is vitale e basic also for the brain. Let’s not forget that we can also train this organ. It is not easy to keep it healthy but we must also do everything to protect ourselves from any disease.

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