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Breakfast, the worst habit that is not good for cholesterol

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Breakfast, the worst habit that is not good for cholesterol

While there are no obvious symptoms and explicit red flags right away, the cholesterol can affect you for several reasons: from heredity to an unhealthy lifestyle, with diet rich in saturated fat, smoking, alcohol and little movement.

To bring bad cholesterol (LDL) levels back to normal, it is highly recommended lifestyle and diet change, starting with the very first meal of the day. Incredibly, there are a series of habits at the table which we underestimate the danger in general but also with respect to cholesterolemia which – as we well know – increases the risk of cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attack.

The first mistake we often make after waking up, washing and getting dressed is skip breakfast: being considered the most important meal of the day, it should not be overlooked. In addition to giving us the charge for the whole day, in fact, it activates the metabolism and second Kathryn Piper by The Age-Defying Dietitian helps keep bad cholesterol at bay. In a 2020 meta-analysis, researchers found that the LDL cholesterol of people who skipped breakfast was on average 9.24 mg / dL higher than those who started the day with a meal … And no, grabbing a quick coffee in the morning doesn’t count!

Attention then to don’t forget protein for breakfast which prevent blood sugar spikes by making us feel full for longer: “Blood sugar stabilization keeps you full longer, prevents casual and nighttime snacking, and supports healthy cholesterol levels by nourishing the adrenal glands and thyroid hormones “, he claims Lacey Dunn, author of The Women’s Guide a Ormonal Harmony and owner of Nourish Well Nutrition. An example of correct practice is to add – no matter what people say – an egg next to the latte.

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I biscuits as well as any other type of refined carbohydrateFurthermore, they do not act positively on LDL levels. Indeed this is the most serious mistake since increase triglycerides which then affect cholesterol and the amount of fat particles in the blood.

The researchers found that just one or two extra servings of carbohydrates refined foods per day can increase the risk of coronary heart disease by 10 to 20%.

Better to aim, then, on foods rich in fiber such as cereals: Adding one or two servings of whole grains can reduce the risk by the same percentage. Finally – but this is more than obvious – if we already suffer from cholesterolemia, sausage, bacon and frankfurters for breakfast are completely to be forgotten: the so much processed meatsin fact, they bring a rather worrying amount of sodium and saturated fat into our body.

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