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Breast cancer, 1 million fewer mammograms in 6 months of Covid stop – Healthcare

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Breast cancer, 1 million fewer mammograms in 6 months of Covid stop – Healthcare


One million fewer mammograms and more than 3,500 women who have discovered that they have more advanced breast cancer. These are the heavy effects that the pandemic, even with the complete block for six months of screening programs, has produced in the oncology field. In these two years, to help make up for lost time, Komen Italia has intensified the activities of the ‘Caravan of Prevention’, offering about 30 thousand women the opportunity to carry out early diagnosis tests for breast cancer free of charge ‘at home’, especially if in conditions of social and economic fragility. This year, on the occasion of the International Month of Breast Cancer Prevention in October, the activities are strengthened with the return of the “Prevention is our masterpiece” campaign, supported by the Ministry of Culture (Mic). To all those who choose to support the Caravan’s activities with a donation on www.prevention.komen.it, the Ministry will offer free access to many state museums.
Komen has also chosen to start the month of prevention early, by organizing a mammography screening day dedicated to Mic employees in Piazza Venezia.
“The pandemic has also created great damage in the oncology field – explains Professor Riccardo Masetti, President of Komen Italia – and only through a great union of forces will it be possible to quickly recover the lost ground”. “The Policlinico Gemelli – adds the general manager Marco Elefanti – is once again together with Komen with whom it shares the attention for the protection of women’s health“. Thanks to the generosity of the partners, from October Komen Italia will be able to organize 20 additional days of prevention in the southern regions and strengthen the medical and health personnel of the Caravan. In addition to two Race for the Cure, in Matera and Brescia, where health villages are planned for screening, there will be many other initiatives. Like an awareness day in Rome on 20 October on the Tiberina Island, or an event in Milan at the Castello Sforzesco from 30 September to 2 October, on the occasion of the Coldiretti Village, focused on healthy eating and physical activity.

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