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Bricks in the valley. Lego Masterpieces with sample

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Bricks in the valley.  Lego Masterpieces with sample

Chiuro Over 500 square feet of exposure in the hundreds for mind-boggling gym builds. Van de Hoogen: «Before proceeding, you have to think»

Little and big fans of Lego, excited to be able to compare and play together with a champion like Stefan van den Hoogen at the weekend in Chiuro, a prominent guest of Valtbrics, the association chaired by Lorenzo Battaglieri, which he organized in the village gym ” Bricks in the valley”, over 500 square meters of exhibition of dizzying constructions in the municipal gymnasium.

Life lesson

Winner of the first Spanish edition of Lego Masters, a TV talent show based on building with Lego (it doesn’t exist in Italy), Stefan van den Hoogen was interviewed by Battaglieri late Saturday afternoon at the “Valtellinesi nel mondo” auditorium, where he told the experience on TV, retracing his story of Afol, acronym of Adult fan of Lego, as fans of the game of interlocking usually call themselves.

«This year “Mattoncini in valle” has made a leap in quality: we have the honor of having a champion of the international Lego Masters competition with us» began Battaglieri, who after the face-to-face meeting with van den Hoogen, conducted thanks to the The help of the interpreter Paola Codazzi, a Spanish teacher, wanted to bring concrete examples of how and how much Lego can facilitate learning in the classroom, valid teaching aids even for those he defined as “special pupils”, suffering from autism or with learning difficulties. With Lego, teaching mathematics, chemistry and technology becomes easier, “even explaining logical analysis and even making the Divine Comedy appreciated and known,” Battaglieri demonstrated by projecting slides of concrete examples to be applied in the classroom.

Married with two children, originally from Valencia, van den Hoogen is president and ambassador of Valbricks: «Stefan and I met absolutely by chance. Due to my mistake in typing the name of my association on the keyboard: I forgot a t. And I discovered the association of him. This is how we got in touch» revealed Battaglieri, at the speaker’s table together with Giuseppe Pozzi, Afol, as well as a friend, with whom he founded Valtbricks in 2015, which promotes the game with the most famous colored bricks in the world and which stands out for organizing activities and charity. So much so: the result of the two days, which attracted hundreds of visitors to Chiuro, was translated into a gift of various materials for the parish nursery school of the town.

«My passion for Lego started as a game – said van den Hoogen – and today it has become a job. But for me they are also synonymous with fun, professional and charitable commitment, as well as educational interventions».

At Lego Masters Spain he triumphed in the final (24 hours of work divided into two non-stop 12-hour sessions) building a tree of life. «Before building, remember, you have to think» was the advice given to the audience and to the many children present who spared no questions. It’s not good to immediately put the bricks together one after the other, proceeding at random: «It’s fundamental – continued the champion – first to focus on the situation and think. Then never give up and move forward with patience and determination. With Lego you learn to live!».

Focus well

But how do you become a champion of Lego Masters? “It’s not a casuality. You don’t become one overnight. It is necessary that first there has been a journey», which for him has been 30 years long, since he began to try his hand at playing with Lego. Precisely the game: “Playing means learning to know the world – concluded Battaglieri – and the other, entering into a relationship”. There is no age for gaming, since «you get old when you stop playing. And it’s not important who wins: the important thing is to have fun”

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