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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Causes, Symptoms, and Remedies

Carbon monoxide it is a gas that can be released into the environment and therefore be inhaled. It is also extremely dangerous because we are often not aware of its diffusion, we do not perceive its smell.

Carbon monoxide, because it is dangerous

The action of carbon monoxide is carried out through the progressive replacement of hemoglobin which is found inside the red blood cells and has the task of transporting oxygen in the tissues. When the gaseous component of carbon monoxide grows in the environment, this gas is inhaled. In the normal air exchange that occurs with breathing, we introduce carbon monoxide. Once it’s in the lungs, it tends to bind with hemoglobin and it undermines the oxygen.

This phenomenon is very dangerous and is linked to the chemical components of the gas which is more similar to hemoglobin than oxygen. the result of this process is the progressive replacement of oxygen in the hemoglobins with carbon monoxide and this leads to problems.

Carbon monoxide poisoning: symptoms

One of the first symptoms is the weakness, together with the difficulty of moving out of the gas-polluted environment. And above all you can doze off. If someone does not come to help and there is no natural air exchange in the environment, poisoning can be fatal.

Therefore, be very careful, in addition to the kettles, gas stoves, wood fireplaces with insufficient draft, fires lit in closed environments, the accumulation of exhaust gases in garages.

Carbon monoxide poisoning: distant consequences

Even if the intoxication is mild, there are problems that can persist over time. They can occur remote consequences and neurological damage that appears even weeks after intoxication. Unfortunately, there is an underestimation of the phenomenon, also because it is non-specific phenomena. You get flu-like symptoms, such as headaches or get them for no reason a fainting. Beware of children who can develop a kind of masked intoxication.

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Prevention is fundamental: opening the windows, going outside and calling for help are the things to do in case of danger.

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