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Cases of norovirus: beware of stomach aches

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Cases of norovirus: beware of stomach aches

The cases of norovirus they are on the rise here too, after hitting Great Britain and the United States. It is a common virus that is highly contagious, causing vomiting and diarrhea. As often happens, the main outbreaks are in schools. Children returning home also pass it on to their families.

Norovirus: what are the symptoms?

Generally the peak is in the month of February. It causes a viral infection that affects the stomach and intestines, i.e. gastroenteritis, which is a condition that causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal discomfort. Many of the symptoms only last for two or three days, although during the time the symptoms are present, it can be extremely uncomfortable. Unlike many viruses, this one doesn’t typically cause a fever.

The onset of symptoms is usually quite rapid, as early as twelve hours after infection. As we said, it is highly transmissible, because each patient can release millions of viral particles, but one is enough to make a person ill. This is why outbreaks are created in schools and in the family.

How does the infection happen?

The contagion occurs both like the traditional flu, by breathing droplets, but also with contact with contaminated surfaces, such as using a bathroom used by a patient. Also infected foodsFor example, seafood such as oysters, fresh vegetables or berries can lead to the disease. Of course if they are not washed properly.

Norovirus: the rules of prevention

As we learned during the Covid pandemic, hand washing is also crucial here. You should wash your hands every time you go to the bathroom, before eating and even before cooking. Carefully cleaning the surfaces of the house, especially the bathrooms, is also very important.

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Hydration is the ideal cure

As was usually said, this virus is short-lived, about a couple of days. Treatment is based on symptomatic care. Hydration plays a crucial role. You have to drink as much as possible. I know if he has vomited as a symptom drink in small sips. Dehydration is the most dangerous consequence of norovirus.

SOURCE: Higher Institute of Health

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