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Cherries: Healthy Fruits for Sweet and Savory | > – Guide – Cooking

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Cherries: Healthy Fruits for Sweet and Savory |  > – Guide – Cooking

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Cherries are very healthy and not only taste good on their own, but can also be used in cakes, desserts or sauces. Preserving, freezing and coring tips and recipes.

Summer time is cherry time. The aromatic fruits are sold fresh from around June to the end of August. There are hundreds of varieties of cherries. A basic distinction is made between sweet and sour cherries. There are two types of sweet cherries – the hard-fleshed cartilage cherries, also known as crunchy cherries, and the soft-fleshed heart cherries. Both taste best fresh, straight from the tree. The first light red varieties come onto the market at the end of May, followed by the dark red ones in July. Sour cherries, on the other hand, have a slightly sour taste, as the name suggests, and are ideal for baking, jam or compote. The best-known sour cherry variety is the dark red morello cherries.

Buy cherries at the orchard or pick them yourself

Be careful when harvesting: cherry wood is considered brittle.

In Germany, cherries grow in many regions, but customers often look in vain for regional fruits in supermarkets. Cherries from abroad are often offered there, only a third of the local fruit ends up in retail. If you want to buy cherries from the region, you should go to the weekly market or buy directly from a fruit farm. Advantage: The cherries are fresher there than in the shop. Many farms in the north also offer visitors to pick cherries themselves – it’s fun and saves money. In northern Germany, the Alte Land on the lower reaches of the Elbe is the largest cherry-growing area. At the end of April, the cherry blossoms begin there and turn thousands of trees bright white.

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Wash cherries just before eating

After harvesting, the fruits keep in the refrigerator for a few days. Important: do not stem and only wash shortly before consumption. Without a stem, the cherry has an injury that attracts fruit flies and quickly turns the fruit mushy. Fluctuations in temperature also damage the fruit. You start to sweat easily and then go moldy.

Pit cherries – that’s how it works

Cherry pitter: press once and the pit falls out at the bottom.

Before processing in the kitchen, the fruit must be stoned – a somewhat tedious job. This can be done with a very sharp knife or a special corer. As a simple tool, place the stalk of the cherry on the neck of a bottle and press out the stone from above with a blunt stick, such as a skewer or an Asian chopstick. Tip: Put the cherries in the freezer for a short time beforehand, then the pits will come off a little more easily.

Freezing: Possible with or without seeds

Cherries are good for freezing – both with and without a pit. The easiest way is to first spread the fruit out next to each other, for example on a plate or tray, and place them in the freezer for about an hour. Then pour into freezer bags.

Boil the cherries in sugar water

Alternatively, cherries can be preserved by boiling them down. For each kilogram of cherries, boil one liter of water with about 300 grams of sugar until it has dissolved. Pour the washed cherries into clean glasses, leaving some space around the rim. Pour in the no longer boiling sugar water so that the fruit is completely covered. Seal jars and place in a large saucepan. The glasses should not come into direct contact with the floor, so it is best to place a folded tea towel or a grid inside. Fill the pot three quarters with water, close the lid and boil the whole thing down at around 80 degrees for 30 minutes. Pay close attention to the temperature, preferably with a thermometer, and do not leave the pot unattended.

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Cherries can be preserved for many months if they are preserved or made into jam.

Recipes with cherries

Whether as red fruit jelly or in cakes: cherries often play a leading role, especially in desserts and sweet pastries. But the fruits are also a great ingredient in raw salads or sauces. A selection of recipe ideas:

Further information

A sweet German classic: Rainer Sass boils sour cherries with orange, cinnamon, star anise and pepper. Recipe

The cake base contains ground almonds and dark chocolate. This is followed by sour cherries, cream and eggnog. Recipe

A North German dessert trio: Julia Nissen serves cocoa with rum and cream with yeast tartlets and rice pudding. Recipe

For the Christmas dessert, Rainer Sass cooks an aromatic rice pudding, which he serves with cherry compote and cream. Recipe

The production is a bit time-consuming, but the classic with cherries and chocolate tastes particularly delicious when you make it yourself. Recipe

Two types of cherries give the salad a fruity note. Parmesan and toasted pine nuts complete the whole thing. Recipe

Kristin Brandt serves the popular regional dessert as a vegan version with coconut, oatmeal and chia seeds. Recipe

Fine quick cuisine by Tarik Rose. He serves the roasted meat on grilled celery with fruity chutney. Recipe

In addition to pepper, ginger and chili are used in the chutney, which goes well with cheese or roasted meat. Recipe

This layered dessert consists of a biscuit base, fluffy creamy yoghurt cream and delicious cherry puree. Recipe

Cherries are healthy: Lots of vitamins, few calories

Cherries are not only delicious and aromatic, but despite their sweetness they are low in calories and healthy. They are 85 percent water and only have 55 kilocalories per 100 grams because they are low in carbohydrates. The fruits also contain:

Vitamin A, B and CFolic acid – important for cell division and blood formationMagnesium for the musclesPotassium – regulates the salt balanceCalcium, manganese and iron for bones and teethDietary fiberAnthocyanins – natural plant pigments that have an anti-inflammatory effect and protect cells from premature aging.

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Half a liter of cherry juice covers a person’s daily vitamin C requirement. Cherries are also said to help with rheumatic complaints, gout and bladder stones.

Can you drink water with cherries?

A well-known rule is: Do not drink water with cherries! That’s not true anymore. The recommendation comes from earlier times when the water was often contaminated with yeast fungi. They fermented the cherries in the stomach and caused bloating. However, cherries have a slightly laxative and diuretic effect.

Further information

3 Min

Dimas Wiese has succeeded in an experiment that can make cherries less susceptible to drought and fungi. 3 mins

From fruit such as strawberries, blueberries or cherries, jam can be easily prepared according to your own taste. more

The sweet cherry should be cut directly at harvest time. Don’t be shy: A courageous cut strengthens the tree. more

Maggots in homegrown cherries are unappetizing. How to prevent cherry fruit fly infestation? more

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