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Chiara Ferragni-Fedez crisis: he sleeps on the sofa

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Chiara Ferragni-Fedez crisis: he sleeps on the sofa

Marketing strategy ahead of the release of the new season of The Ferragnez? Apparently not. The crisis between Clare Ferragni e Fedez it is anything but a hype. And a clue confirms that the situation between the two is critical: according to sources close to the couple, these days he sleeps on the sofa in their penthouse at CityLife in Milan. Evicted not from the house, but from the Latvian, from the return home after Sanremo.

That something was wrong between the two was evident immediately, from that fuorionda after the kiss between Fedez e Rosa Chemical on the Ariston stage, which showed Chiara Ferragni angry with her husband. Then the images of him with shining eyes in the van and after the social silence. Since the end of the Festival, Fedez has disappeared from Instagram, he made a brief appearance only over the weekend to rail against Mario Giordano and the editorial board of Out of the core, guilty of doing a service on his sexual orientation. Then he returned to silence.

And Clare? The digital entrepreneur has instead chosen the path of lonely story: photos and videos with friends, family, children, but always alone, without Fedez. In one story even without a wedding ring on her finger, which is back in the next image. One would say a storytelling from single which goes on its way, keeping silent on the rumors of crisis but also sending out some signals. For example: in the “best of these days” gallery, the absence that everyone has noticed is precisely that of the husband. Maybe not a coincidence, who knows.

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But was that scene on the Sanremo stage really enough to shake the most famous couple on the Internet? It seems that that kiss was the classic straw that broke the camel’s back. The cause of the frost would have been excessive Protagonism Of Fedez al Festival, which should have especially illuminated Chiara, co-host for the first time. And instead: first the photo of the deputy minister Bignami ripped live, then the roll call with J-Ax to Giorgia Meloni on the legalization of soft drugs (“Legalize it, Giorgia!”), the long-distance controversy with Anna Oxa (“she’s very rude”, his words: and down news and clicks), and finally the twerking and the passionate kiss with Rosa Chemical in the middle of the Sanremo final. It should have been the Chiara Ferragni Festival, but he took the scene entirely.

And today she would still be furious. According to well-informed people, Fedez would sleep on the Sofa at home, waiting for a reconciliation, in the name of which some Ferragnez fans had even organized one street demonstration in Milan. Event then cancelled, fortunately. But that confirms the only certainty of this story: they are ours royal family.

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