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Colombia’s Hospitals: Leaders in Global Health Ranking

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Colombia’s Hospitals: Leaders in Global Health Ranking

Colombia reaches the top of the global health stage in the Newsweek ranking

The health sector in Colombia has been recognized worldwide as being a leader in medical care. This comes as Newsweek magazine, in collaboration with the German online statistics portal Statista, has evaluated the world‘s hospitals. This year, Taiwan was introduced as a new participant and evaluates 2,300 hospitals in 28 countries.

Colombia has emerged as a benchmark in health care, with a ranking of the best hospitals in the world. The distinction is a testament to the country’s excellence and quality in medical care. This recognition highlights 19 Colombian clinics within a selection of 39 throughout Latin America.

An outstanding achievement is the classification of a Colombian hospital among the 250 best in the world, ranking 162: the Fundación Valle del Lili University Hospital in Cali. This hospital is the only representative from Colombia in this prestigious ranking, sharing the distinction with only two Latin American countries: Mexico and Brazil.

According to the Valle de Lili Foundation website, the institution began offering testing and clinical laboratory services in 1986. Over time, it expanded its services to encompass different medical practices, including cardiology, nephrology, orthopedics, oncology, and more. In 1993, the facilities were moved to the north of the city.

The rigorous evaluation criteria for the ranking include surveys for doctors, hospital directors, health professionals, patients’ experience surveys, hospital quality metrics, and ‘Proms’ implementation survey to measure patient perception of their functional well-being and quality of life.

The top five best hospitals worldwide include Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Toronto General – University Health Network. In Colombia, the top five best hospitals according to Newsweek are the Lili Valley Foundation, Santa Fé de Bogotá Foundation, Pablo Tobón Uribe Hospital, San Vicente Fundación University Hospital, and San Ignacio University Hospital. This distinction places Colombia at the forefront of global healthcare.

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In other news, the restoration of the San Juan de Dios hospital in Colombia is underway, further highlighting the country’s commitment to excellence in healthcare.

As Colombia continues to lead the way in medical care and hospital quality, its hospitals have become an example for others to follow. With new rankings and recognitions, there is no doubt that Colombia has firmly established its position on the global health stage.

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