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Covid, chaos hub: where to find vaccines against Omicron 4 and 5? Masks, here’s what can happen

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Covid, chaos hub: where to find vaccines against Omicron 4 and 5?  Masks, here’s what can happen

We prepare the masks because there is a return on the horizon. The coronavirus is running, the positivity rate is above 21 percent, which means that almost one in 4 people, among those who take a swab, is positive. And from this account there are those who resort to do-it-yourself and perhaps do not communicate to the ASL that they are infected. According to the latest survey by the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health, the RT, transmission index, is broadly above 1, the critical level of the epidemic: it has reached 1.18. Last piece: two weeks ago between Monday and Friday we had just over a hundred thousand cases, this week we are at 200 thousand. Well, will there be an answer to this surge?

Covid, cases among children of school age increase: alarm in the range from 5 to 11 years

Covid, the masks theme

To date we do not even have the obligation to wear a mask in crowded places and on means of transport. It exists only in hospitals and RSAs, but will expire at the end of the month. For the possible countermeasures, however, it will be necessary to wait for the installation of the new government, given that there is no longer an automatism with the color system as was the case in the past.

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While waiting for a new Minister of Health, we can have some certainties. The obligation to wear a mask within hospitals and RSAs goes towards a further extension. It is possible to return to public transport, but only if the virus rush continues and above all if there are criticalities in hospitals. The latest remodeling of the color system, which had also been supported by many center-right governors, was to intervene when the filling rate of medical departments of 15 percent and intensive care of 10 percent with Covid patients was reached. .

Covid, new symptoms: this is how the virus (also) affects the ears. The three spies of infection

This mechanism is no longer in force but it can be a reliable point of reference. Fortunately, today hospitals are far from those thresholds, given that in the medical area we are at 8 per cent, in intensive care at 1.8 per cent. However, both values ​​are growing. If we get closer to 15 and 10, it is possible that the new government will also reintroduce the obligation of the mask on public transport or that the individual governor of the region in distress decides. New closures or massive use of the green pass to be excluded.

Covid, the vaccine node

On the fourth dose of vaccines, which can protect us in this phase of high spread of the virus, the demand of citizens has increased, but it does not help the confusion that has been created at the hubs, where it is not known if I find the vaccine updated to Omicron 4- 5 or the one calibrated on Omicron 1. Experts explain that there is no substantial difference and that, especially the elderly and the frail, they must be vaccinated regardless of the vaccine available at that time. Last piece: the virus runs very fast, but growth seems to slow down anyway. It will be a winter in gusts, depending on the most common sub-variant. At the moment it is still the Omicron 5, for the future we will see.

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