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Covid: global cases above one million again – Healthcare

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Covid: global cases above one million again – Healthcare

After 4 months of continuous decline, the number of monthly cases of Covid-19 in the world is growing again and exceeds one million again. The rise is the effect of the increase in infections in South Korea, where more than three quarters of the cases recorded globally between 3 and 30 July occurred. Still decreasing, however, deaths, which amount to 3,100 on a monthly basis. This is the trend that emerges from the latest bulletin of the World Health Organization.

According to the WHO survey, in the last month, SarsCoV2 infections have continued to drop worldwide, except in the Western Pacific region, which includes the Far East and Oceania. 82% of cases were concentrated here (850 thousand out of 1 million), with an increase of 38% compared to the previous month, and 28% of deaths (880). Among the countries, South Korea stands out, which doubled the number of cases in one month, reaching 751,000 infections in July. As regards deaths, the record belongs to Brazil, with 695 deaths in the last month, followed by Peru (321) and Australia (260).

In Europe, infections continue to fall: there were around 60,000 in the last month with a 66% drop compared to the previous month. Italy, with 13,000 new cases, is second in number of infections after Russia (15,000). However, the curve is down with -48% compared to the previous month. In our country, deaths are also down by 63%, equal to 125 on a monthly basis.

However, WHO calls for a cautious interpretation of the data: “currently, reported cases do not accurately represent infection rates due to the reduction in testing and reporting globally”, reads the bulletin.

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