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Covid, more vaccinated in the emergency room: ‘Do the third doses’

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But the severe development of the disease affects the unvaccinated.

The attention light has turned on, in the Covid emergency room of the ‘Cervello’ hospital, in these days, when a fifty-year-old, asthmatic, vaccinated with the second dose in June arrived at the hospital. It was the index of a trend that has been confirmed. More vaccinated people arrive in the ward, for two reasons. Because the vaccinated are many, so there is a logical upward effect for the numbers and percentages. And because after six months from the second dose, you can probably get infected more easily and be symptomatic, as the news tells a little everywhere. But you face a course that is almost always serene and you risk nothing, except in particular situations. For the unvaccinated it is much worse.

Non-serious cases

The identikit of the patient we are talking about, who needs medical treatment as an immunized, seems clear. Vaccinated for at least six months and with some health problems. He is taken to the emergency room, is treated and does not undergo severe development of the disease. While instead – according to the information coming from the hospitals and that the data confirm – the serious cases are all of unvaccinated patients.

The doctor’s appeal

“We must not waste time with third doses – says doctor Tiziana Maniscalchi (in the photo), acting director of the Covid emergency room of the ‘Brain’, since the beginning engaged on the front of the pandemic -. If you have taken the second dose for six months and a day, go and get vaccinated. The moment is delicate, we are in the midst of the fourth wave. There are people who delay, who think about it, who wait…. It is necessary to protect oneself to avoid the growth of shelters. We are seeing an increase in vaccinated people which is explained, in fact, by mass vaccination for many and by a drop in protection from six months onwards. All known things that must push us to a responsible attitude ”.

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Hypothesis: third dose after five months

One of the hypotheses in the field: “It could be to reduce the interval between the completion of the primary vaccination course and the booster dose from six to five months”, says the coordinator of the CTS Franco Locatelli. And if one of the heads of Health says so, it means that the idea will soon pass to implementation.

The hospitalization bulletin

According to the Dasoe bulletin, the department of the regional health department that updates the numbers of the pandemic in Sicily, with data covering the week from 8 to 14 November, among the vaccinated with full cycle there are fifty-one hospitalized, two in intensive care, 49 in ordinary wards , thirty-nine are hospitalized with an incomplete cycle, five in intensive care, 34 in the ordinary wards, while the unvaccinated hospitalized are 301, thirty in intensive care, 271 in the ordinary wards.

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