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Crafts with children at Easter: Print out templates for free

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Crafts with children at Easter: Print out templates for free

Easter is one of those perfect times to get really creative. Children in particular enjoy all the happy Easter motifs and bright colors, so you can use this lively spring time wonderfully for Easter crafts. Of course, to make it really fun, the craft projects shouldn’t be too difficult. So we have some fun and easy ideas for you that are suitable for kindergarten and elementary school children. What could you do for Easter with children and templates?

Handicrafts with children at Easter – make cute dolls to play with yourself

You can print out any template and then use it to make such simple dolls. Our templates, which you can find below, are also very suitable. There you will find Easter egg templates to print out, but also chicks, Easter baskets, flowers and bunnies. If you like, you can of course draw and cut them out yourself.

Easter crafts with children and templates - instructions for chicks and Easter basket

Print out the elements and then cut them out. Then use them as templates to transfer them to construction paper and cut them out again. Finally, all you have to do is glue the elements together properly. You can use the picture above as a guide. Once the motif is complete, it can be glued onto a popsicle stick or pipe cleaner, which is then used to hold it. Now the children can play with their work.

Print out Easter motifs for small finger puppets for elementary school children

It would also be a great idea to read a suitable story while imitating what is being said with the puppets. Or let the children spontaneously put on a puppet show!

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Free printable Easter bunny templates

Easter tinkering with children and templates - rabbits as funnels for sweets

Next to the eggs, the Easter bunny plays the most important role at Easter for the children. So here are a few variants for the rabbit. If you want to make a bunny for Easter with children and templates, choose any!

Make packaging for small gifts or Easter decorations with children

Gift packaging for Easter for small gifts

This Easter craft template is perfect for preschoolers and elementary school kids, although little bullies can join in with a little help from an adult. Print out the bunny template and cut out along the outlines. Even the small triangles have to go. The best way to do this is with a cutter (adults only!). Also cut the bunnies’ arms along the lines

Then let the children color the rabbits as they like. Fold the template inwards along the dotted lines and pin the bunny ears together using the incisions made earlier. The packaging is ready.

Make bunny funnels to fill at Easter with children

Easter crafts as a gift - funnel as packaging with a rabbit face

If you have a color printer, you can print out these cute templates. Then simply cut out the designs along the outlines, apply glue to the tab provided and roll up the paper to make a funnel with a bunny’s face and ears. This can then be filled with sweets and given away. You can also glue tulle or tissue paper to the inside of the funnel and then use this to close the “candy bag” by tying the material together.

Fun craft ideas for elementary school kids – headband with bunny character

Easter crafts with children and templates - crown with bunny to print out for free

Again, simply print and cut out the template. The small elements are for the inner ears of the bunny as well as for the blush and the nose. Either trace the outlines onto paper of a matching color and then cut them out, or just color them in. Then glue them to the bunny head. The strips are the actual ribbon that you attach to either side of the bunny’s head. If the two provided strips are too short for the head, you can simply use them as a template to make more. Glue them together to the required length. You can glue or staple the final ends together.

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Printable Chick Templates – Hatched from Egg

Easter crafts with children and templates - print hatching chicks

Crafting couldn’t be easier! Print and cut out the elements, transfer them to colored paper and cut them out again. Now all you have to do is put them together correctly. To do this, place the bottom of the egg on the chick’s lower body and the top of its head. So the parts should overlap a bit to make it look like the chick just hatched.

Cut out the eggshell and chick and use as a template for craft paper

You can then stick it on a piece of paper and draw a small landscape around it – for example a meadow, a farm and other animals. The upper eggshell in this case can also be next to the chick instead of on the head. The motif is also ideal if you want to make an Easter card. It can then decorate the front.

Cool tip: The eyes of the chick can also consist of wobbly eyes. That makes it look extra funny! And you could pattern the eggs in all sorts of colors to make them look like Easter eggs.

Easter crafts with children and templates - paint and glue the Easter basket

Print template for color printers – Make a pretty Easter basket yourself

Easter template for color printers - Print, cut and glue together for free

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