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Dengue, what the emergency in Latin America teaches us

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Dengue, what the emergency in Latin America teaches us

South America is struggling with a severe dengue epidemic, with a record-breaking number of cases reported in 2024. Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Peru are among the countries most affected by the outbreak, with over 4.5 million infections reported in the region. Brazil alone has almost twenty times more cases than Argentina, which declared a state of health emergency due to the epidemic.

One of the major challenges in Argentina is the shortage of repellents, essential in preventing mosquito bites that transmit the dengue virus. Experts emphasize the importance of non-pharmacological prevention measures, such as mosquito control, in fighting the disease. The lack of larvicides and other preventive measures in recent years has contributed to the spread of dengue in the region.

The continuous epidemic of dengue in Latin America from 2023 to 2024 is a cause for concern, as outbreaks typically occur in cycles of 4-5 years. The anomaly may be linked to climate change and global travel patterns, creating populations more susceptible to the virus. While the risk of an epidemic in Italy is currently low, experts warn that the country must be prepared for similar events in the future.

In light of the dengue epidemic in South America, health authorities emphasize the importance of prevention and control measures to avoid the spread of the disease. Vaccination may be recommended for travelers to endemic areas, but non-pharmacological prevention strategies remain crucial in combating the virus.

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