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Diabetes under control with 3 months of intermittent fasting: the sensational discovery

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Diabetes under control with 3 months of intermittent fasting: the sensational discovery

Nowadays different types of diabetes affecting adults have been recognized. In some cases the disease is chronic and may remain for life, but in a great many others remission is possible. According to research, the secret is a strict diet, based on intermittent fasting and a radical change in lifestyle.

Diabetes under control in 3 months

According to ISTAT data from 2020, people who have been diagnosed with a type of diabetes in Italy they are approx 3.5 million. This is approximately 5.9% of the entire Italian population, equally divided between men and women. Diabetes diagnosis trend sees a slow but seemingly inexorable increase over the last few years, with the percentage of risk rising with increasing age. Research from the same year by the WHO reveals that across the European region there are approx 62 million people living with diabetes.

This increase in cases is due to the increasingly sedentary and fattening lifestyles of people, as well as the increase in the average age of the European population. In many cases diabetes is a chronic disease. That is, a disease that can never be completely cured, but treated so that the symptoms are as least invasive as possible. In many other cases, however, diabetes recession is possible. Medical research in this area is numerous, from all over the world, but a recent research published in the medical journal Jurnal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism shows a new way to treat diabetes effectively.

Intermittent fasting, the nutritional style to fight diabetes

The research comes from the Chinese laboratories of Hunan Agricultural University of Changsha, and shows how a radical change in one’s lifestyle can help put the disease into remission. In particular, the research reveals the effectiveness of the defined diet CMNTo Chinese Nutritional Medicine Therapybased on the concept of intermittent fasting. This diet provides that the subject has meals only at certain times of the week. In many cases, the doctors who have carried out the research recommend a meal every two days and only within a limited time frame.

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This allows not only to lighten a person’s fat volume, but also to lower the level of glycated hemoglobinwhich is the parameter used to estimate long-term average blood glucose.

The results of the cure

With lower blood sugar, diabetes symptoms tend to ease, and in 90% of cases tested in the research, those using blood sugar-lowering drugs they reduced the dosage of use and in 55% of cases the diabetes has gone into total remission. The research was conducted on 36 people with diabetes for a period of 3 months in which, as mentioned above, these were able to one meal only in certain time windows every 2 days.

Research lab
Diabetes under control in 3 months

The impact of research on the medical world

According to Dongbo Liuone of the signatories of the research, these results could impact on over 537 million people all over the world who suffer from diabetes. However, it should be emphasized that this nutrition regimen is interesting for those who suffer from a type of non-chronic diabetes. In these cases it could lead to total remissionhowever in case of chronic diabetes the treatment would allow the reduction of the dosage of drugs and a reduction of the symptoms of a disease that would otherwise have a great impact on everyday life.

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