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Diet: Here’s What To Eat To Lose Weight Fast

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Losing weight quickly is a summer prerogative. But often one does incorrect diet which are not good for the body because they are too restrictive. Instead, here’s what you should eat to be good for your body and lose weight quickly.

Diet: how to manage food

A balanced diet has the right amount of food, between proteins and carobohydrates. In addition, you must consume at least two portions of vegetables and fruit and also drink 2 liters of water per day to promote the loss of excess fluids.

However, there are foods that speed up metabolism and aid weight loss.

Here is a list of foods to always have in the pantry to eat well at lose weight fast.

  1. Legumes: eat them at least 2-3 times a week to promote weight loss; the body needs iron to burn calories. They are an excellent protein with a source of fiber and also guarantee a greater digestive capacity than other foods.
  2. The cruciferous vegetables they are to be eaten every day: as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts contain three essential nutrients that fuel the metabolism: B vitamins, calcium and vitamin C. High amounts of water and fiber guarantee an improvement of the metabolism.
  3. Spices spicy foods contain natural chemicals that speed up metabolism, also help to curb hunger.
  4. Lean meats: recommended 4-5 times a week; Eating lean meats like chicken and turkey requires more energy to fully digest them. Also, all of these proteins they help preserve muscle mass and keep metabolism at its peak.
  5. Avena: Oats are good every day for breakfast or as a snack, it is gluten freean incredibly healthy whole grain that provides several vitamins and fiber and also lowers insulin levels.
  6. Citrus fruits: in particular lemons and grapefruits, they are excellent for digestion as it is low in sugar. They contain vitamin C which is important for normal fat metabolism.
  7. Whole grains: help you eat less and promote digestion. Opt for pasta and brown rice between 60g and 80g and you can take it every day
  8. Yogurt greco: excellent source of protein with very little fat, to be eaten every day for breakfast with fruit or nuts.
  9. Dried fruit: a great snack, helps the metabolism and satisfies. Do not overdo the doses because it can hurt the intestine, 30 g per day is recommended.
  10. Egg: 2 or 3 a week, an excellent satiating protein to combine with vegetables and a carbohydrate.
  11. Extra virgin olive oil: excellent raw for condiments, so it favors the intake of macronutrients of all foods.
  12. Bresaola: excellent source of protein and energy, supports metabolism during digestion and is satiating.
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What to avoid

To lose weight fast better avoid alcohol, fizzy drinks and sweets. Limit the intake of dairy products, red meats and overly sweet fruits such as bananas, figs and grapes. Yes to watermelon, cherries, strawberries and all summer fruits.

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