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Covid, Bassetti: “Enough fixed quarantine, eliminate it or individualize it”

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Covid, Bassetti: “Enough fixed quarantine, eliminate it or individualize it”

“But didn’t they say that the fixed quarantine for all positives at seven and ten days would change it? In mid-August everything is still the same. It should be individualized on the individual (if I’m fine after two days why do I have to stay indoors for seven days anyway?) and reduced to no more than four, five days maximum or eliminated “. Thus the director of the infectious disease clinic of the San Martino hospital in Genoa, Matteo Bassetti. “In any case – he continues – with the use of masks you could allow people to go out in order to avoid stopping important activities. If you do not change the rules of quarantine now, it will be difficult next autumn when the infections will resume. Very difficult”.

“Risking to keep many asymptomatic people at home in the fall is not like doing it in July or August, there is a real risk that many basic services are blocked”, remarks the infectious disease specialist who raises the need “to change the rules now or in any case to discuss and update the measures for the first days of September “. What could the new parameters be? “It is possible to reduce the days of isolation by relying heavily on the customization of the quarantine – replies Bassetti – when the symptoms end I take a swab and if negative you can get out. Or – he concludes – at the end of the symptoms, after 48 hours, regardless of the result of the test you can quit “.

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Matteo Bassetti: “If they asked me, I would be the Minister of Health”

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